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Anti-gay group to use its $6 million budget to ban marriage in DC and defeat repeal of DOMA

Filed By Michael Crawford | August 25, 2009 9:30 AM | comments

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I wrote last week that the National Organization for Marriage had opened an office in DC to spread its anti-gay message. Now in an interview with the Washington Blade NOM's executive director Brian Brown reveals the truth behind their new Washington office.

The National Organization for Marriage plans to use its projected 2009 budget of $6 million to, among other things, help ban same-sex marriage in the District of Columbia and prevent President Barack Obama and a Democratic-controlled Congress from repealing the Defense of Marriage Act, according to Brian Brown, the group's executive director.

"The fight over Proposition 8, as far as the ballot initiative, is over. We won," Brown told the Blade in a telephone interview. "So right now I think both sides agree that the real focus is on what's happening in the Northeast."

Just what we need in DC: another group of outsiders coming into the city to interfere in what should be local business.

Brown also admitted being in bed with Bishop Harry Jackson and other area ministers opposed to equality. Jackson, head of a Maryland based church, left his family in Maryland to move to DC to fight against marriage for same-sex couples.

Make no mistake about it. NOM and Jackson may put on a veneer of civility, but their aim is clear. They want to ban marriage and all forms of legal recognition of same-sex relationships in DC and across the country.

I wrote a post a few days ago called How We Win Marriage in DC in which I lay out some of the opportunities and challenges facing the DC LGBT community and our allies as who seek full marriage equality.

There are, however, three key areas where we will need to strengthen our local community in order to win marriage equality:

  1. building stronger and more diverse organizations
  2. working together in coalition with other LGBT groups and
  3. building relationships with District residents outside of the LGBT community.

We must step up our efforts to build support for marriage equality across the District, be prepared to confront head on the lies and distortions that we know NOM will spread about our families, and run a serious campaign that is committed to winning and keeping marriage in DC.

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Wow, dedicating 6 million to continuing oppression. Nice.