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Anti-gay laminated pouches in New Zealand

Filed By Alex Blaze | August 28, 2009 9:30 AM | comments

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A gay guy in New Zealand saw this message on a package of laminated pouches:


Here's the text:

It's a beautiful day
And it's good to play
Then I met a gay
Suddenly the clouds turn grey.

It sounds more bad translationed than homophobic to me, but someone obviously should have caught it before it made it into stores in an English-speaking country.

The distributor is saying pretty much that, and they're going to cover it up with a non-removable sticker. But isn't it weird?

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Say whaaat?!? That is one of the oddest damn things I've seen this week.

It sounds more bad translationed than homophobic to me

Ironic much? ;)

But seriously, it could very well be Engrish. Remember that NZ is close to Asia, where T-shirts, greeting cards and other items with mangled English that borders on Dada poetry are as easy to find as oxygen.

I always wonder if people appreciate the levels of irony that go into some of my posts.....

Yeah, in europe they can be pretty terrible. The old laundromat I used to go to warned people to take their clothes out soon after the machine finishes to prevent "spontaneous combustion." I once saw a liquor store in Paris advertise "Stranger wines."

I kinda wish I knew what they wanted to say here.

In China, I once used a "man toilet." On a bus, I went passed a storefront with the shutter down where someone had spraypainted "I love make love."

That is so offensive. I was asked a store clerk in Massachusetts where Farm Road was and not until a few other employees gathered around, did i spell out F A R M. "OH", they yelped "FAM Road" yada yada yada. Whatever. The whole thing was hysterical to me. I was tearing with belly laughter. FAM Road. OK. Where is it already? You might have had to be there. This New Zealand incident does not sound like a blooper to me though.