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Ft. Worth gay bar raiders didn't file the right paperwork

Filed By Alex Blaze | August 07, 2009 12:30 PM | comments

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Well, it's something:

Among other things, the report said that Aller and Chapman had taken part in the raid without agency approval; failed to file the paperwork to investigate the club for possible lewd conduct and sales to intoxicated customers; failed to report the use of force in arresting two people; and failed to report that Gibson had been injured.

Both men have been assigned to desk duty pending further notice.

Parsons, who was not at the club and did not approve the operation, is on leave until he retires in September, according to agency spokeswoman Carolyn Beck.

The department is expected to have another report next month on whether the police violence. As it stands, it's looking like they're at least willing to make an example of these specific officers. But who knows how many bars they were raiding like this, or how much their actions were condoned by the department before the brouhaha raised by the LGBT community in Ft. Worth shined a light on this.

I suppose it's better than usual where police accused of excessive or inappropriate force are automatically exhonerated because they say their lives were in danger (they actually tried to paint themselves as the victims in this situation, not really caring that the circumstances made that claim incoherent). But the problem is that there's no external body that's investigating this. The police simply can't police themselves - we have decades of history and plain common sense to prove that. There should be an investigative body that didn't participate in the raid (so neither the ABC nor the local police) putting together a more objective review of what happened.

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