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Gay Geek iPhone App Review: My Gay Agenda

Filed By Waymon Hudson | August 15, 2009 4:00 PM | comments

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I just love cheeky gay humor.

mga_top_2.pngI recently got a request on twitter from a new iPhone Application called "My Gay Agenda." My curiosity was piqued by the humor of their tweets so I checked into the App and ended up downloading it.

The calendar/scheduling app describes itself as "witty, discreet and virtually leather bound- sort of like that married advertising exec you met through Craigslist."

That sense of irreverent humor is everywhere in the application, but it also gives back to the community by donating a portion of the $2.99 download cost to Project Angel Food, a non-profit organization that provides daily meals for people homebound or disabled by HIV/AIDS and other serious illnesses.

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The App describes itself pretty, well..., aptly:


We've always suspected what your plans were: destroy marriage, recruit children and do lots of cardio. Well, here's the proof: My Gay Agenda is a first-class personal calendar application and hilarious take on what the well-organized "Velvet Mafia" operative would carry.

My Gay Agenda is a powerful personal calendar app complete with ubiquitous event features for all-day events and events that span multiple days. MGA also has a stylish and robust Notes feature and "Today In Gay" - a daily historical synopsis of key "historical events".

You also may occasionally come across handwritten notes unveiling nefarious plans to take over the world ("Eliminate pro-family groups. Call Mom").

The app is a little repetitive of the calender feature on the phone, but I find myself using it just for the sheer humor and kitsch of it. By far the best part is the "Today in Gay" Feature, which could have anything from a Madonna fact to a historical LGBT activist moment on it. And I have actually laughed out loud at the hilarious quips on it about taking down right-wing groups and destroying marriage.

April Winchell, a Los Angeles comedian and voice over actress, and Boston-based writer and blogger Gina Loukareas have really created a funny app:

We envisioned it as a classy, understated sort of up-yours to all those horrible organizations that claim to hold a monopoly on goodness and morality. But we also wanted it to be fully functional and truly useful.

Above all, we wanted it to be funny, snarky and lovingly gay-centric, without being overblown. You should pardon the expression.

They succeeded wonderfully.

It's a fun time connected to a useful app that gives money back to a good cause. It would be better if it synced with your google calender or iCal apps, but the fun factor might just make you switch over and start using it for you calender needs.

Will it change your life? Nope. But it will make you giggle every time you open it. Not many apps can do that.

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Hoot! I don't have iPhone, but Josh does.....sent this to him.

....and Jeremy too.

I bought the application when I found out it will help a great cause and so far I really like it!