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If you kiss a guy you deserve to get punched, right?

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Found this featured on YouTube - almost 2 million views as I write this. One fighter kisses another boxer and gets knocked out before the fight starts.

I know! Isn't it hilarious when some brute feels his sexuality has been challenged and pummels another guy?

Some of the comments visible on the front page (there's over 4000) from other people who really "got the joke" after the jump.

nintendomanofgod (1 hour ago)
lol go heath herring ko that fag out..

no i don't hate gays it's just do it where noone is lokking

akmaad (3 hours ago)
he kissed him ..he had to punch him

gooocubs (5 hours ago)
wht? a fuckin faggot

atvfreak250 (14 hours ago)
faggot got knocked the fuck out.

Shades of Bruno, anyone? I mean, wouldn't you feel justified in cold-cocking another guy for kissing you? After all, that macho boxer isn't one of those there "homosexuals." *rolls eyes*

I'm surprised YouTube would feature anti-gay violence on their front page - including thousands of even worse comments from users. The worst part? It didn't look to me like he really kissed him as much as they were trash-talking and the guy got too close.

Idiocy all around.

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Loving that first comment -.-
"I'm don't hate gays, I just hate everything connected to them even remotely"
Read as: "I don't hate gays, I'm just a bloody moron".

Someone get me something heavy and blunt already. If I can't hit them I'm just gonna knock myself out for awhile x.x

Taking a step back here...

1. They're in a match.
2. They're not together.
3. They're about to go at it in a MMA bout.

If I'd have kissed a guy while in a wrestling match, I'd have expected a fight to break out. There's a delineation between "romance" and "business" in the world of contact sports. Furthermore, there's a good chance that the guy in the singlet gave that kiss by way of a mind game, hoping to throw the other fighter off his stride.

The kisser gets no sympathy from me. Those comments, despite the fact that I agree with their assessment, are just not cool. I don't think many people look at a video like this and go "not a bad thing, but not the right time."

I'm conflicted about this. On the one hand, you're totally right that it's weird that this video is featured on YouTube, and the comments are horrible. On the other hand, I feel a little bit uncomfortable framing this as an example of violent homophobia, plain and simple. Kissing someone who you know doesn't want to be kissed by you (which is, I think, definitely what the guy on the right is doing!) is just not a good thing to do, no matter the gender identity or sexual orientation of either person. In this context the kiss itself feels to me like a very macho gesture, actually. It's invasive.

I hope it's obvious that I'm not saying I'm happy he got knocked out. But I think it's possible to be troubled by the punch while recognizing that the kiss itself was aggressive and disrespectful...and not really a gay kiss, in the sense that it was intended and perceived not as an expression of gay love or affection, but as an insult.

As Austen said, the kiss was not meant to be friendly, but rather offensive in order to anger the other boxer into unbalanced fighting. He took his gamble and lost.

Personally, though, I liked better a response when one boxer kissed another, and the smartass kissed back to make a point. A more clever way of saying "fuck you".

Don't expect violent sports to be handholding events and bastions of understanding, though. They're all about holding onto something you can degrade the other player with in order to lower spirit and increase your chances to win.

A. J. Lopp | August 5, 2009 1:18 PM

I agree with Austen and H.P., because a man kissing a woman when it is unwelcome can get him rightfully slapped. In this instance, the kiss was a substitute for a good, unexpected punch.

If you're going to kiss another guy in public, do be a gentleman about it!

P.S. Have you noticed that the once popular angry phrase, "Why don't you kiss my ass!" has largely fallen into disuse? --- being literally an invitation, it has become too ambiguous to use in a society that has now grown conscious, if not accepting, of the common-ness of male-on-male lovemaking.

lacy panties | August 5, 2009 9:49 PM

Sometimes if you kiss a guy you do deserve to get punched. Sometimes if you kiss a girl you deserve to get punched.

never mind who punched's just barbaric to be hitting each other in the first place. can't we find some other sport to entertain ourselves??