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Great Nationwide Kiss-In: Pucker Up

Filed By Bil Browning | August 15, 2009 11:30 AM | comments

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Don't forget:

Today is the Great Nationwide Kiss-In. Check the link to find a city near you that's got a planned smooching spot.

If you're in Pittsburgh and would like to canoodle with your friendly blog owner, come on out to the public space right in front of the Westin portico/driveway on 10th (between Liberty Ave and Penn Ave) and we'll lock lips for a bit! Yowza!

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The Blonde guy DOES kiss better.

I miss Europe and its more inclusive media.

John Shields John Shields | August 15, 2009 1:13 PM

Cool~! Since my husband is in DC and I can't kiss him (virtually works, but has its limitations), I want to kiss a few boyz, as well as a few girls. Call me Queer... See you there @2.

I'm quite disappointed that no "Kiss-In" event got arranged for Indianapolis. There are plenty of Bilericaters in town even if Bil and Jerame are on the road.

If this becomes an annual event (?), hopefully Indy can do better next year.

A.J., if I can do it once, I can do it again. We are definitely planning to make this an annual event. Would prefer a cooler time of year, though - such as May, perhaps. 90+ degrees on the Boston Common was a bit rough.

We will definitely keep EVERYONE posted (particularly since my Kiss-In partner in crime, David Badash, contributes to Bilerico).

(sigh)....Every single day needs to be a "Great Nationwide Gay Kiss-In" day. The fact that we NEED to do this points to the reality that very few LGBTQ couples express affection outside of their homes.

I often see gay couples holding hands in public while looking more like frightened deer in hardly resembles the carefree love HETS display every single day.

Of course there are dangers to being OUT, but that is why self-defense is so important when you are ready to live your life openly and freely, without apologies or constraints. As far as the police go, when mainstream America sees law enforcement hauling us away for kissing instead of going after violent criminals, maybe light bulbs will go off.

Then again, I've given up on "waiting" for mainstream America to grow up, mature, and "like me enough" to bless me with their special rights....thus my advocacy of a GAY TAX REVOLT, for starters.

beachcomberT | August 16, 2009 6:43 AM

Bil, I continue to be amazed and amused how Google inserts ads into Bilerico Project that are 100 percent opposite of the blog's content. In this example, we have a marketer selling guys his secrets for attracting and kissing women. If I were that marketer, I'd ask Google for a refund!


Thank you, and the entire Bilerico team, for all your support of The Great Nationwide Kiss-In!

The Kiss-In was a huge success, and yes, as my friend and Kiss-In co-founder David Mailloux said above, we will definitely have another Great Nationwide Kiss-In next year.

We figure if we can get almost 60 events together in less than 5 weeks, imagine what we could do in a few months!

Most importantly, as I watch the videos, and see the photos, and read the stories from all over the country, I know the 4500 people who signed up made a huge difference. And to them I am extremely grateful.