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Long-Shot #2: Nevada's Ensign - Legislator of the Day

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As I have discussed recently, Ensign.jpgwe are close, but not there. After our devastating loss by one vote in the Senate the last time ENDA showed up there, we must be prepared to look for love in all the wrong places.

Senator John Ensign is a perfect example. He appears, on the outside, to be a far-right Republican who is anti-anything even remotely gay.

However, when you weren't looking, he not only voted for, but co-sponsored, legislation designed to protect people based on their sexual orientation. I'm not ready to give up his vote.

Contact info and more after the jump.

I know, I know, you're staring in disbelief at this screen, wondering how I lost my marbles. Yes, I know, according to Wikipedia, Ensign spoke on the Senate floor in favor of the proposed Federal Marriage Amendment, which would have barred states from recognizing same-sex marriage. Yes, he voted against invoking cloture on the hate crimes bill amendment this year. But his eyes may have been opened to the "judge not lest ye be judged" philosophy by recent events, which delicacy prevents me from mentioning to avoid harming the children.

Also, and even more jaw-dropping, did you know that he co-sponsored the hate crimes bill in 2005?

The Local Law Enforcement Enhancement Act of 2005 would have made a hate crime based on sexual orientation into a federal crime. So, you see, Senator Ensign has had some sympathies with the our cause -- slim as they may be. And his cohort from Nevada, Senator Reid, is a co-sponsor of ENDA. I say give him a call and ask him to support S1584.

Sen. John Ensign 702-388-6605 Click here for email

P.S. I have heard rumblings that yesterday's post, about Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart's tentative support of ENDA as long as gender identity is removed, may be an erroneous rumor. I'll be following up to find out, and if so, look in this space for a big ol' RETRACTION, along with some groveling and hat-eating! Mmm, Fedora! (Gosh, I hope so.)

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