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Michelangelo Signorile endorses the National Equality March

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Michelangelo Signorile has endorsed the National Equality March in a column printed in the Advocate. Signorile joins a growing list of recent endorsements including Julian Bond, Cindy Sheehan, Dan Choi, Bilerico contributor and national columnist Diane Silver, and Illinois Congressman Danny Davis. National-Equality-March-300x300.jpgI endorsed the march last week in my post, "Pandora's Box: The National Equality March."

It's time for these new, even risky approaches, and it's time to ask for it all -- now. That's why I'm going to Washington for the National Equality March -- called for by legendary activists David Mixner and Cleve Jones -- even though, like others, I wasn't initially down with the idea. It's time the rest of us showed up on the National Mall and let Obama know that the cocktail party crowd -- the suck-ups, the sycophants, and the scaredy-cats -- doesn't represent us. We want full equal rights (or at least see a substantial commitment to moving in that direction) -- not photo ops and wine spritzers.
In 1963 many African-Americans from all across this country, many of them poor and with little means to pay for travel, did whatever they could to get themselves to Washington. The time was right, and historic. For us, the time is now.

Signorile shares his original concerns and why he decided to finally endorse the campaign in the column. It's beautifully written - one of his best - and details how Cleve Jones' patient address of those concerns combined with recent Obama administration tactics led him to his endorsement. Highly recommended.

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GuestCommenter | August 25, 2009 2:06 PM

While folks are in a recommending mood. I recommend reading "Stop Talking to Buildings, Start Talking to People"

Toni Broaddus articulates, much more kindly than I care to, how the energy/anger from Prop 8 should be properly used in Maine, not DC. She makes good general points about the movement too, so take a gander.

As an aside, it's also interesting how her column has been ignored the "mighty" grassroots blogs. Could anyone be afraid of being wrong?

Thanks, GuestCommenter, for the link to Toni Broaddus' excellent article. All our resources should be focused on Maine (and probably the state of Washington). Those are battles in which we are already engaged, but instead of joining the battle our leaders choose to launch an unnecessary invasion under false pretenses. (Right, and who believed Bush when he said that invading Iran would not dilute the effort in Afghanistan.)

If the anti-lgbt forces maintain their 3 to 1 funding advantage in Maine, they will stomp out marriage equality in that state. And they stand a good chance of doing the same in Washington state. Two such losses would be devastating for our struggles on the full range of issues across the nation. Not to mention undercutting any hope of rescinding DOMA.

But, for those who are determined to vent instead of working, have fun in D.C. We here in the hinterlands will see the 20-second news clip: a helicopter shot of 'tens of thousands' of gays on the Mall (along with acres and acres of bare lawn), and the obligatory shot of a couple of drag queens and guys in leather vests.

I'm sick of "it's all about Maine". Seriously people, don't you think that next year it will be "all about Iowa", then the year after that "all about (insert name of state that won gay marriage)"

If we waited for the perfect moment, we would never march. The fight in Maine is going to benefit greatly from the energy and buzz created about the march in D.C. People will leave there itching to help and donate.

Since Toni Broaddus spelled out that we should all save the $400 airfare and $300 hotel room and donate to Maine....I'll be the first to be scouring the public records to make sure I find her name as donating that amount.

Let's not forget that 1/3 of this great country is within decent driving distance of D.C.