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Missouri's McCaskill, Bond and Luetkemeyer: Legislators of the Day

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Oh my god, it's August 25 already. Two weeks from now Congress will be back in session, and we'll be gearing up for an ENDA vote. McCaskill.jpgIt takes a while to put a head of steam on an issue in DC, so it's not going to be enough to start calling legislators then about ENDA. Bond.jpgIf you haven't already, time to put Congress on your speed dial.

By the way, another organization has set up a whip count on the web, which you can find at http://actonprinciples.org. They have a cool widget that you can put on your site. It's set up a little differently than the whip count on our Inclusive ENDA Facebook site , so our numbers are slightly different. Luetkemeyer.jpgBut I think it's fair to say that both counts suggest that there is work to do.

There are three votes to target in Missouri on ENDA: Senators Claire McCaskill and Kit Bond and Representative Blaine Luetkemeyer.

Please call them today. Contact info and more after the jump.

Missouri Senators Claire McCaskill and Kit Bond are both important to the ENDA vote in the Senate, though in different ways. Senator McCaskill, a Democrat, has a track record suggesting she will vote for ENDA, though she has not announced her support as yet. Senator Bond, a Republican, has a track record suggesting that he might not be opposed to ENDA, though he, too has not yet announced a position. Lastly, Missouri has nine Representatives in the House, only one of whom appears to be undecided: Blaine Luetkemeyer.

Please call them and ask the Senators to support S1584, and the Representative to support HR3017

Senator Claire McCaskill - 573-651-0964 (Click here for email)
She's generally friendly to LGBT issues (except for that flap last month, and I think it was all a big misunderstanding). She has previously cosponsored a bill with sexual orientation and gender identity language. She voted for the hate crimes bill. Call and ask her to support S1584.

Senator Kit Bond - 573-442-8151 (Click here for email)
According to Wikipedia, He's announced that he's not going for re-election in 2010, and is in his fourth term as Senator. In some ways, he's a moderate, drawing criticism for supporting the Equal Rights Amendment. At the same time, he has supported the idea of a federal marriage amendment. And yet, he did not participate in the hate crimes vote. That's a positive sign -- or at least a non-negative one. If he was really against us, he probably would have voted against the hate crimes bill as so many others did. He might very well believe, as others do, that job discrimination is wrong, even if he doesn't support marriage. The fact that he doesn't have to worry about re-election in 2010 may make it easier to do the right thing. Call and ask him to support S1584.

Representative Blaine Luetkemeyer - 573-886-8929 (Click here for email)
He is new in Congress, though not new to politics. He did vote against the hate crimes bill. He also sponsored a bill against marriage equality during his time in the state legislature. However, two constituents who contacted him have been told that he is undecided on the issue of ENDA and that he is reviewing the bill. That's hopeful, and makes him worth a call. Call and ask him to support HR3017.

Here are the positions of the other Representatives in the Missouri delegation. You can click here for contact info.

Confirmed yes
Wm. Lacy Clay - co-sponsor
Russ Carnahan - co-sponsor
Emanuel Cleaver - co-sponsor

Probably not - but redemption is always possible
W. Todd Akin - voted against ENDA in 2007
Ike Skelton - voted against ENDA in 2007
Sam Graves - voted against ENDA in 2007
Roy Blunt - voted against ENDA in 2007
Jo Ann Emerson - voted against ENDA in 2007

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Just so you are aware, McCaskill has already signaled she would vote for ENDA (See her email communication when PROMO launched a targeted campaign 2 weeks ago). Bond will never vote in favor of ENDA. The only other *potential* target is to get Skelton to flip. We're seeing him start to lighted up his stance on DADT.

A.J. Bockelman
Executive Director
PROMO- Missouri's Statewide LGBT organization

McCaskill's statement:

Thank you for contacting me regarding my statement in rejecting the Thune amendment. I appreciate hearing from you, and I welcome the chance to respond.

For years, people opposed to federal laws regulating gun ownership claimed that Congress should stay out of the issue entirely and leave it to the individual state to legislate on guns. I find it hypocritical for the same person to advocate for a bill that takes away the rights of individual states to regulate gun ownership permits and forces them to recognize the gun permits of other states. It is especially hypocritical for the same people to argue against the idea that a state should have to honor a civil union which was legally entered into in another state. I do not think you can have it both ways. I regret my poor choice of words and want you to know that I simply meant to point out the hypocrisy of this argument.

As your United States Senator, I am committed to achieving equality for all Americans. I am proud to co-sponsor the Matthew Shepard Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act (S. 909), which was also attached as an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act. I am also fully supportive of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act (HR. 3017) and I support a repeal of the military's Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy.

Again, thank you for taking the time to share your concerns with me. I will be sure to keep your thoughts in mind as the Senate continues to consider these important issues. I hope you will continue to reach out with your thoughts and advice.

All best,
Senator Claire McCaskill

Thanks for this info, AJ. I note that the letter talks about the hate crimes vote, but not ENDA. Where can I find the email that says she supports ENDA?

Also, after reading more about PROMO and the work you're doing in Missouri, it is incredibly impressive to see how effective your organizing is.