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North Carolina's Hagan and Burr: Legislators of the Day

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In North Carolina, there is another Senatorial split. One Senator is more likely than the other to vote yes on S1584, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act. Yet neither has confirmed support for the bill as of yet. They are both in the unconfirmed column.

Hagan.jpgBurr.jpgThe Representatives of North Carolina are in a similar position. Half are leaning yes, half are leaning no. Most of them are unconfirmed in their positions.

Some have commented that it is not worth making calls to a legislator who seems to be anti-LGBT. But I think it is worth your time and effort, very much so. First, it may make them think twice about championing the dark side and trying to get others to vote against us. Second, in the new political climate, they may see that times have changed and that might is on the side of right. They could change their minds.

So get on the phones and on the internets. Contact info and more after the jump.

Kay Hagan (D-NC)
She voted for the hate crimes bill, and sponsored an inclusive state ENDA bill in 2007
336-333-5311 (Click here for email)

Richard Burr (R-NC)
He voted against the hate crimes cloture vote. But perhaps he can be persuaded to see the light.
888-848-1833 (Click here for email)

Here's the situation in the House of Representatives. See those "leaning yes" Representatives? You want to call them too.
(Click here for contact info)

Confirmed yes
David E. Price - co-sponsor
Brad Miller - co-sponsor

Leaning yes
G. K. Butterfield - has privately indicated probable support
Bob Etheridge - has privately indicated probable support
Howard Coble - has privately indicated non-support
Larry Kissell - has privately indicated probable support
Melvin L. Watt - was a co-sponsor in 2007

Leaning no
Richard Burr (R-NC) voted against hate crimes cloture vote

Probably not - but redemption is always possible
Walter B. Jones - voted against ENDA in 2007
Virginia Foxx - voted against ENDA in 2007
Mike McIntyre - voted against ENDA in 2007
Sue Wilkins Myrick - voted against ENDA in 2007
Patrick T. McHenry - voted against ENDA in 2007
Heath Shuler - voted against ENDA in 2007

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