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Obama's classy birthday

Filed By Bil Browning | August 04, 2009 6:00 PM | comments

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Happy Birthday to President Obama. The leader of the free world took a moment today to also honor veteran journalist Helen Thomas as well.

What a class act. Aren't you glad to have a President who's willing to honor a longtime journalist's devotion and worth instead of treating her like crap a la Bush?

If you were President, what would you wish for on your birthday?

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I am glad we have a president who recognizes Ms. Thomas and her fabulousness. I just love her to pieces, and this melted my heart.

Robert Ganshorn | August 6, 2009 3:49 AM

I think the guts of Helen Thomas, putting up with being deliberately marginalized by the Bush administration from the getgo, speaks volumes for her and Hearst newpapers. She has covered every president from Kennedy onward.

It should be recalled that when Bush was visiting Clinton (when newly elected) he said how kind it was of Clinton to have him "because he did not have to do this."

Helen blurted out. "Yes he does, it is his job to ensure an orderly transfer of power."

It was not long before Helen was reassigned to a seat in the rear of the pressroom. I am glad to see her back up front.

And it is not that she lets Obama off easily either. She has asked him if any Middle Eastern country already possesses nuclear weapons at her first press conference with him. This was in reference to Israel. The president cared not to speculate on this question.

Happy birthday President Obama. It's Obama's birthday on August 4th, and the President of the United States will be turning 48. Obama's birthday will also bring up one of the most persistent conspiracy theories, the one about his birth certificate – you know, there was a bunch of nincompoops that thought he was born in Kenya, now referred to as "birthers", who are going to be squawking about seeing the birth certificate. (That is not what a lot of people call them – it rhymes with "gum passes". Think about it.) Still, Happy Birthday to the Commander in Chief, and it isn't likely that someone will be running to a payday lender for cake and decorations for Obama's birthday.