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Oh. My. Gog. Why a godless White House might save America.

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It has come to light that 4,000 lives and a trillion dollars were wasted by an idiot president who mounted a ridiculous crusade against the evil doers of Gog and Magog. There doesn't seem to be any reason to doubt the veracity of these reports.

While placing our nation under the guidance of a god who long ago stopped scooping her kids out of traffic, and one who has pretty much told the human race to go play nice while mama watches her stories, is a bad thing, it is a worse thing to be subjected to a president who feels compelled to send citizens to war to defend that god from imaginary cosmic enemies.

The monkey, George W. Bush, did exactly that.

Comedy Central and Andrew Sullivan are almost speechless.

My immediate reaction to this frightening news is to wonder why the French were not as susceptible to idiocy as was the American public, but that is not a fair question. The monkey did not fool us. I think even those who voted for him knew he was dull headed. If we are to assign guilt for the loss of 4,000 American lives and the waste of a trillion dollars, we should look to Cheney and his associates who manipulated the monkey and whispered dreadful things in his ears.

And so, before we can put this bad chapter behind us, we will be forced to look at its stains in the harsh light of continuous shameful revelations. This leaves us with one big question. When does it end, the carriage of this millstone of religion around the neck of American government? Won't the good and patriotic parent and spouses of those who have died in the Middle East not be the first to urge Obama to resist moralizing and instead to follow his instincts? When will we have a president who will abstain from seeing freedom in terms of sanctity? One who will not fear god? One who will not swear allegiance to god in order to cover his own faulty judgments and lack of vision? One who can be friends with god on Sunday rather than a slave to god during the work week?

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This is appalling, what the hell happened to the Bill of Rights???

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | August 10, 2009 10:43 PM

Fr Tony I love the sentiments expressed, but I think that those who voted for Bush II originally were falsely seeking a different "god" in a new incarnation of Ronald Reagan.

The second time they voted for him they were scared to death.

Americans are the least foreign traveled people in the industrialized world. Having a limited past history of "colonies" (Philipines and Cuba for a while and a concession from China for trade) we do have a limited world view. It demonstrates itself by how few people could find Nepal or Iraq on a map.

Add to this, that the French particularly enjoy disagreeing with us as a first response. They also have a substantial and marginalized Arab Muslim population of their own to avoid peeving.

Right on, Tony -- although I would point out that a great number of us were aware all along that the national dimwit was indeed wasting all those lives and all that money.

I'm not so convinced that the electorate was attempting more to establish a religious nature to our government than they were rebelling against a blow job given in the White House. The American habit of outrageously blowing out of all proportion some tiny news tidbit over the reality of the situation certainly arose to monumental heights in the 2000 election and the 8 years to follow.

The unfortunate thing about all this, is that - while we have ridden ourselves of the dimwit, his entrenched cronies are still exerting a great deal of influence on those who are trying to undo the mess. Of course, this makes it far more difficult for those trying to return us to a nation of actual laws.

Putting this bad chapter behind us will probably never succeed completely. In order to do this, the nation, as a whole, has to formally admit that these actions were not only against our written document of national organization (the constitution) but were patently wrong. Americans rarely have been able to admit wrongdoing - of any kind. Unfortunately.

The business of "national guilt" and an admission of national guilt is interesting. I'm trying to think of any time when our country has actually done that. I think that in the past, we were afraid that if we expressed national guilt, our primacy in the world would be shaken, but that horse has certainly left the barn, so, we ought to consider it. I mean Obama ought to consider it. It would certainly help him get out of Iraq faster if he would say "This has been one huge regrettable mistake of the sort that I promise never to allow during my administration."

On the subject of admitting "national guilt": If we haven't found the integrity to officially apologize to our own African-American citizens for the horrors that our society put them through, and which the federal government officially supported, empowered, and encouraged, then I doubt that we will ever find it possible to admit "national guilt" --- for no mistake in American history is more glaring than that one.

When the drums started beating, I started shouting that the Emperor had no clothes... Nobody seemed interested.
Now we find out that not only was it a cynical manipulation of an imbecile by venal and evil men, it was also absolute madness.
I wish I could say that I am surprised, but I am only sickened and saddened. My disgust at the use of religion to justify this senseless slaughter is finally nauseating to me, and shows the wisdom of our Founding Fathers in including the separation of Church and State as a building block of our democracy.

Phillip...I am totally on your page. Me too. I will never forget the looks and attacks I got from conservatives as I railed against the national idiot and his insane run-up to war. As the "moderate" Christians stood by (still standing by), the whackos went to war and are now trying to ruin any health insurance reform. Makes me wanna burn down a church for Jesus.

Father Tony: Since you make it apparent that your notions about God's nature are somewhere within the 21st Century, I hope you find this new posting at Slate rather interesting, as I did:

The Structure of Scientific Evolutions; Evolution's place in a created universe by William Saletan

Dear A.J., That article is more than just rather interesting to me, thanks. I do think we are in the presence of a non-interfering deity who may indeed be little more than an ancient recipe. The more we do things like map genomes the closer we get to to knowing god, or at least to seeing more clearly that which we will never know.

God needs no defending. He can take care of himself just fine.