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Orlando Sentinel Poll: 68% of Floridians Think Gays Should be able to Adopt

Filed By Waymon Hudson | August 17, 2009 12:00 PM | comments

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The Orlando Sentinel, the major paper for Central Florida, did a poll recently asking readers: "Should Florida allow gay individuals to adopt children?"

The results are impressive, especially coming out of the more conservative area of Central Florida:

We asked you: Should Florida allow gay individuals to adopt children?

YES: 68.6%

NO: 31.4%

The article also includes reader comments about adoption in the sunshine state.

With the overwhelming support for lifting the ban against gays and lesbians adopting, one has to wonder what is taking so long in overturning it? Legislators constantly lag behind the general public, but perhaps the LGBT organizations in the state need to renew and be more aggressive in pushing for the repeal of the ban.

It's way past time we get aggressive in this state and push for some change. There is simply no excuse for the draconian laws we still have in place in this state.

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Thanks, Waymon, for alerting us to this poll. This year, the Legislature let two bills repealing the ban, S.B. 500 by Sen. Nan Rich and H.B. 413 by Rep. Mary Brandenburg, both die in committees without any hearing or vote -- the same fate as all other bills advancing gay equality. The lame excuse offered by the lawmakers and their apologists was that the Legislature was too preoccupied with balancing the budget. Yet a 2006 study by the National Center for Lesbian Rights shows convincingly that Florida spents tens of thousands of dollars extra for each kid it lets languish in foster care. It is highly hypocritical for the Florida legislature to say gay people are good enough to be foster parents but not to be adoptive parents. In previous years, there have been compromise bills that would let the odious ban stay in place but allow a judge to ignore it in individual cases. This year, we didn't get even that crumb. Shame, shame, shame. Call out your state lawmakers and ask them why they are letting 4,000 kids stagnate in foster care year after year. With the legislature mired in prejudice, our only hope is that the appellate courts will overturn this ban once and for all.