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Rumble for the Gay Games

Filed By Brett Abrams | August 11, 2009 3:00 PM | comments

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Myteamdclogo_bluebgsmall.jpeg home city of Washington, D.C. held a rally last night to spur interest in hosting the Gay Games of 2014!

The competition with Cleveland and Boston has already motivated several newspapers and magazines in DC to cover the prospect of the city getting the Games.

Team DC has been hitting Facebook and other sites to generate attention and focus.

Earlier this week Team DC sponsored the I'm Game Rally 2014. Organizers in each city see the hosting of the Games as an opportunity to expand the presence and culture for LGBTs and other members of the host city.

I wonder how many members of the various GLBTQ communities care about the Gay Games? How many people in each of these cities know that there is a competition that is a small scale version of the Olympic bidding process that we hear much about?

The 2010 Gay Games are in Cologne, Germany. The promotion they have done is stupendous. It comes complete with a video from gay Australian Olympic Gold medalist Matthew Mitcham.

Gay Games VII to Chicago Games, Inc. drew an estimated 12,000 people to the city as participants. Assume another double that came as spectators. Less than 50,000 total is a small number of visitors to any city, particularly to Washington, DC, which is the nation's second largest tourist destination. The Games in Chicago did break even financially, which had not been accomplished since Gay Games II in 1986.

What do readers think? Do you think about the Gay Games? Are they a cultural boon? Do you want your city to host them?

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Thanks for keeping us updated about this, Brett. As a Bostonian, however, I'm afraid I'm going to have to pull for Beantown. Besides, the Sox suck this season. We need some sports heroes to root for!