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The IT Crowd: 6 awesome items

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Just started watching this show from BBC called "The IT Crowd." Netflix recommended it, and I'm always for up for a tragically geeky comedy. Fricken awesome. If you often get stuck fixing your friends computers, have a hot shop job doing IT, or make monthly visits to fix your mom's Acer, this show will rock. Take a look at this screenshot:


I've highlighted six different items in the shot that are just absolutely geeky. Click through to see them all.

  1. Camel Poster? Looks like from an O'Reilly Book. And every geek knows O'Reilly is the word of God.
  2. Stupid Magnets. Even geeks fall prey to motivational magnets. Most of the time they are motivating because they promote Viagra, Pain Pills, or something angsty and bitter.
  3. Archaic Microsoft Software Reference Guide - It really took a book that thick to just get though half of the shit crammed into Windows 95. They make good bookends nowadays.
  4. Lava Lamp. So I have a USB radioactive glowing sheep, but face it: geeks love things that light up.
  5. Flying Spaghetti Monster. A Farce that went to far, if you don't know what a Pastafarian is, you should probably Google that.

    And last but not least...

  6. VINYL!!! - MAD*Ls to be exact. Whether wacky toys, expensive vinyl toys (guilty!!), or some beat up G.I. Joe's, geeks are kids are heart... and in mind... And in humor.

And if that doesn't convince you of the awesomeness of this show... it was created by the same guy who did The Office (BBC thank you).

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I luv it!

Nathan, this all makes even an IT dodo bird like me feel very much at home ... but I must point out that "I wuz computers b4 computers were kewl!" --- care for me to whip you off a few lines of Fortran, complete with spaghetti code laced with untraceable GOTO statements? How about a snippet of IBM/370 job control language? Or I could lull you to sleep explaining how to eyeball an 80-column EBCDIC punch card, or how to chase the binary offset pointers in a DL/1 database ...

Now that it's 2009, how can I get this worthless crap out of my brain? VM swap files have garbage collectors ... why can't the human brain have one?

I love the IT Crowd. I think the third season DVD is out September, so you picked a good time to hop on board.

And the guy who made this show also made Father Ted, which I recommend watching as well. A bit broader in comedy, it's still pretty funny.

Looks like? It's the Programming Perl camel, has to be.

Yep! I spotted the Learning Vi Tarsier around the set too. Pretty awesome I think.