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Vogue is back

Filed By Alex Blaze | August 28, 2009 2:30 PM | comments

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It's moments like these when I wish I could watch American TV. America's Best Dance Crew has a troop that's made up of four out gay men and one out transwoman, and they, as their name suggests, vogue. Here's a video from the first episode of the season, two more are after the jump. It's great that they're allowed to be high-femme on ABDC considering how So You Think You Can Dance seems to be so masculinity focused that it can be downright homophobic. (Via Feministing.)

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Found it interesting they used a cage in the third number.

I don't think they're out, yet, Bil. The results for the kung-fu challenge are Aug 30. I gotta agree with Lucrece, though, that this was not their strongest performance; and, they definitely did not work with the actual challenge . . . Nonetheless, my fingers are still crossed!

I loved that master mix of Ciara's "Work It". Pity it's only a minute long.

Anyways, on to the third act. It wasn't that the routine was bad, per se. Yes, it was simplistic, but that's not what fell short.

The issue is whether they can be flexible, and they weren't on that challenge. They completely skipped any martial arts demonstrations in their routine, completely ignoring the night's task. If you're given the task to portray a more masculine aspect (fighting), you have to pay respect to it and not make a parody out of it like they did in this routine.

They did not learn from the guy's feedback on their claws (that was scratching they did, and very feeble kicks and no particularly artful stances at that). Having done Kung-Fu for 6 years, that was not Kung-Fu in their routine.

Normally I would hiss and foam at the mouth at anything that idiot, Shane, had to say. This time, though, I had to agree with him. They didn't step up to the challenge.