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A Bilerico Project meetup (and my birthday party!)

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If you're going to the National Equality March, I'd like to invite you to a very special Bilerico Project meetup - it'll be my birthday party too! The Helix Hotel is an awesome venue for a meetup/party; it's one of DC's hippest hangouts for young professionals, politicians and celebrities. There will be a bar but you don't have to be over 21 to get in!

Bilerico Project Meetup & Birthday Party

Helix Hotel Lounge
1430 Rhode Island Avenue - Washington, DC
Friday, October 9 from 7pm - Midnight

Helix_Lounge.jpgJerame and I chose to stay at a Kimpton Hotel specifically because of their LGBT-friendly policies. When we were in DC last month, we found the Hotel Palomar online by chance and when we checked in, the staff made sure to tell us about their LGBT outreach.

When I logged online, the welcome screen also prominently featured the LGBT guest program and all the usual demographic questions were even LGBT friendly. Coming from Indiana where very few businesses tout their LGBT friendliness, this meant a lot to me.

If you haven't booked your hotel room yet, I'd highly recommend one of Kimpton's 7 DC properties. If you decide to book with them, use the discount code "LGBT" to get 15% off and a $20 daily dining credit. (We're not making money off any bookings and Kimpton didn't pay for this post, btw. It's a serious endorsement.)

If you're the type who insists on bringing a present, please make a donation to Maine Marriage Equality for whatever you'd spend - the fun of seeing all of you will be enough for me. After all, how many people get to celebrate a birthday with a few hundred of their closest friends?

Bring a friend and say hello to contributors and readers! Feel free to pass along the invite.

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Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | September 17, 2009 8:01 PM

Hey Bil,

Happy birthday! I just made another contribution to the Maine campaign. I hope that other Bilerico contributors and readers will join me in supporting the Maine campaign in your honor.

hey bil,
happy birthday,man.

Bill, that's where I'm staying!!! I will stop and see you and Jerame!!!

We're staying at the Palomar again, but the party is at the Helix. Won't it be fun to see each other in DC after all this time in Indy? Too funny.

I love that hotel! The lounge is so Jetsons. Oh sorry are we still arguing about this March?

Sounds great. I would be careful in the wording of your invitation "There will be a bar, but you do not have to be over 21 to get in.." There are very strict drinking age enforcement policies in DC, each year resulting in many dozens of bar raids, ID checks, and arrests of many scores of college kids from GW, Howard, Georgetown, etc. You do not want this celebration to get the wrong publicity that this is advertised as an underage drinking event ( then you will certainly have cops), which I know is not your intention.

Good call, Drake. I mean that it's open to all ages, but there will be alcohol available for those over 21. In other words, they can get in but still can't drink. :)

I'll make that more explicit when I do a followup post.