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The Indiana Family Institute is raising cash with the help of the Indianapolis Star's political cartoonist, Gary Varvel. They're running a "Caption This" contest for one of Varvel's uncaptioned cartoons - and for the low, low price of $25 you too can submit a hysterically anti-gay, anti-Obama, or anti-woman caption.

Since I'm such a nice guy, I'm going to give Projectors the opportunity to play in the contest for absolutely free! We know what IFI would consider funny, but why don't we tweak it a bit and caption it with some liberal, pro-gay, all families-friendly quips?


Complete fundraising appeal after the jump.


Clickety to embiggen.

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A "beat up Obama!" ad just popped up for me when I read this (probably because you have anti-Obama in your text).

And I wish I had something clever to say for the Bilerico version of the contest. :)

See, that's what happens when you try to share. Socialism makes babies cry. Let him get his own food.

"And why the hell are we the only group that gets to enjoy this family time?"

"Tell me again about how having children is God's will?"

How's this for my hilarious caption in the husband's balloon:

"Hey, the creeps at the Indianapolis Star are using their paper to raise money for the Indiana Family Institute, that political group trying to get discrimination written into the state constitution. Since when does a paper that claims to be objective and fair get away with shit like that? What do you think, honey? How about if we begin organizing a city-wide boycott against the Star at our next PFLAG meeting? Considering the sad revenues coming in to big city newspapers these days and how many of them have had to close down, maybe one last push that cuts their income by 10% and we can put them under."

They will be ROFLOL at that one.

"Aren't you glad we're a heterosexual couple, with kids--Gays couldn't handle a family"

Gary Varvel should have a child with Michelle Malkin, for the ultimate Conservative baby; they deserve each other.


What do you mean, take care of the kids? That's women's work. You want to destroy the family with all that gay gender switching crap? What kind of a faggot do you think I am? And don't forget to do do the dishes and clean up this dump, and I expect you to do me later after I'm done watching the game, so get a move on. Are you turning into some kind of an anti-family feminist or something?

"I guess he heard that Gary Varvel guy is pimping out his future."