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Another day of sobriety

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What a difference 23 years makes.

On September 18, 1986, I woke up and thought I would try this new "one day at a time" thing I had been hearing about in meetings. Earlier that year, I had racked up my second DUI and was looking at spending time in jail for it.

Today I can say that the "one day at a time thing" has worked for 23 years. Some days have been easy, some were as painful as surgery without anesthesia.

I have watched friends die, lost my beloved lhasa apso, lost the house we got married in, got married, and helped get LGBT legislation passed in New Mexico. As my friend Julia would say, "It's a very long list."

That is what happens when one stays alive for 54 years, seeing many things, many people and places, in short, experiencing life. There is sadness and joy, moments that are just about taking a breath, and moments that are breathtaking.

Considering where I was headed, I am grateful today to be taking many breaths.

As a Latina lesbian honoring Hispanic Heritage month, I am making a big deal out of 23 years of sobriety. I am proud to have Latino blood flowing in my veins and that for today, I am sober.

Thanks to all the folks who have held my hand during these 23 years. The road has been bumpy but I am grateful to share the road with such loving, compassionate people.

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Congratulations! That's a hell of an accomplishment. As someone who spent most of the late 70's and early 80's fucked up on a variety of legal and illegal substances, I know how hard it is to leave that crutch behind.

One day at a time, indeed. It's often hard, but always the best choice for a life worth living.

Muchas gracias por este post Gloria!

With any luck I'll be celebrating 18 years tomorrow.

One day at a time!

Congratulations Gloria and Christopher...well, I'll get back to you tomorrow.

I have 13 years and some change of sobriety myself. It ain't easy, but it sure beats the other alternative!

Congratulations, Gloria! Wow, 23 years is a great accomplishment. I'm glad to see people like yourself who's trudging before me in my 1 year and almost 1 month. xoxoxo

Thanks to all my brothers and sisters who have chosen this path. You are all right, it ain't easy but damn is it good most of the time.

good for you my dear,
my sobriety date is 4-24-96
so that's close to 13 1/2 yrs.
and I'm loving it, I learn more each day.

Congratulations to you.

Coming up on 23 years next March. It has been -- and continues to be -- a journey. Congratulations to you!

March 23, 1987. specifically, i walked into treatment at 9:00 am that morning.
that's basically the only time i consider i've been doing this more than one day at a time.

Congratulations, Gloria!!!

I celebrated 26 years clean and sober on August 26.

What a revelation it was to me to discover that there really was life after drugs and alcohol - an unbelievably good day at a time!!!

Congratulations, Gloria! I'm so very proud of you!!

Sober almost a year (Halloween is my sobriety birthday), I found your story inspiring. Thanks for sharing it and congratulations for all of your hard work and the joys that you experience each day. I've had a hell of a year--well, couple of years but through this past one despite the crap thrown in my face, my faith has strengthened and my foundation deeply rooted in part to those, like you who share their stories and live as beautifully as possible. Blessings to you!