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Because butt sex is funny

Filed By Bil Browning | September 14, 2009 3:30 PM | comments

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Tags: anal sex, Bud Light with Lime, butt sex, outrageous commercials, stupid ads

Nothing sells a product quite like butt sex. What advertising genius thought up this campaign?

Don't you really want a Bud Light with lime in a can now? No? Whatever. It's butt sex with fruit! You're not a real American if you don't find this slap-your-knee funny. God hates lesbians who don't have butt sex, you know.

*rolls eyes*

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I think it's a funny double entendre. I like how they use both men and women in the ad. Anal sex can be enjoyed by all.

You gotta pull that stick out of your butt first though.

Or you could pull it out of your can and read the humor in the post.

Lighten up. No one wants to take away your right to butt sex.

Tasteless, like that commercial where the woman walks by bushy hedges and they become well groomed and the ad is for a razor.

Talk about tasteless, graphic commercials, nothing is worse than that Viagra commercial where the man tosses the football thru the center of a tire swing, while the voice-over says, "Stay in the game!" --- that's what the soundtrack says, but the visual says, "Get it in the hole just one more time!"

Notice they could have used a basketball hoop to similar effect --- but didn't.

Hey, far as I'm concerned it still better than a fast food commercial where someone cross dresses to sneak food into a game.

And I can say there's no way in hell I'd eve get it in the can.

I can't stand budweiser, and lime in beer is not my style.

who sez lesbian don't have butt sex?