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Best Gay Song Ever

Filed By Bil Browning | September 11, 2009 7:00 AM | comments

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I love this little ditty for the gays from these two young girls. Isn't it refreshing when they laugh with us instead of at us? I hereby nominate this little number for Best Gay Song Ever.

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I feel, after hearing this, the same as I felt after hearing (and then later watching the video for) "Gay Boyfriend" for the first time. I feel like I should be shrunk-wrapped in plastic, branded by Mattel (does Mattel still exist?) and priced in aisle 14. Before I came out to my little sister, she told me she wanted a gay best friend. I asked why. She said she saw girls on TV (Grace) who had gay best friends and wanted one of her own.

Like a Miniature Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

I appreciate being loved, but being loved is not enough. Are the "Gay Boyfriend" girls and these two coming to lobby my State Assembly with me in the Fall when they're voting on whether or not to bestow us some basic relationship recognition? I'm glad they think I'm cute, but do they think I'm an equal? Will they invest time and emotion into my fight for equality? We need allies--but we need our allies to be 100%, not just 10%.

I have a friend named Jenny who's defines ally for me. Sorry for these girls, I met Jenny a long, long time before them. Jenny loves her gay male friends. But she doesn't just love to go shopping and dancing with us, she loves to organize rallies and lobby Congress with us. My rights are her issue. She now works for the Democratic Party of Oakland County, MI where she continues to remind the candidates that she helps not to forget women and not to forget gays. Ever. She set the bar sort of high as far as allies go for me, and its rough for girls like this--cute as they are--to get past my cynicism, thanks to Jenny!

Don't just cheer us on. Stand with us.

I know that the purpose of this post was good fun. No disrespect meant at all, Bil. That's just something I carry with me all of the time, and this video just yanked it out. I hate to be the Debbie Downer party pooper, so I'm going to play the song again, and dance to it this time!

It's a happy piece of fluff on a dreary day.