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Colorado's Michael Bennet: Legislator of the Day

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Happy Labor Day Weekend everyone! Here's to a year in which U.S. labor is freed from discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity!

Bennet.jpgCongress is coming back in session on Tuesday and I expect the votes will take place in October. You should get ready to organize. Passage of legislation in Congress only takes place when the people who need that legislation get organized.

For example, Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado is a friend of the LGBT community. However, while he is a likely yes vote, he has not yet confirmed his support of ENDA, S.1584. His cohort in the Senate, Senator Mark Udall, is a co-sponsor of the bill. What will get him to commit? Take a guess? It has a dial and you can talk into it? Yes! It's your phone, or more importantly, you on the phone, asking for his support.

Please call and ask Senator Bennet to come out in support of S1584.

Contact info and more after the jump.

Senator Bennet was appointed last January by the Governor of Colorado as a replacement for Ken Salazar, who went to the Obama Administration to be Secretary of the Interior. Senator Bennet is a cosponsor of the hate crimes bill. He has said he will run in 2010 for the Senate seat.

The only thing that gives me pause is the fact that, according to Wikipedia, he worked as Managing Director of Philip Anschutz's investment company in the 90s. During that time, Anschutz, one of the richest men in the world, financed the campaign that resulted in the homophobic Colorado law making it illegal for Colorado cities and towns to create ENDA-type laws. That law was later ruled unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court. Of course, that doesn't make Senator Bennet a homophobe, but I do wonder what's he got to say about that now.

Please call Sen. Michael F. Bennet (D) at 719-328-1100 (Click here for email.)

The Colorado House Delegation

The Colorado delegation to the U.S. House of Representatives is mostly behind ENDA.

Diana DeGette, Jared Polis, and Betsy Markey are co-sponsors of ENDA. Representatives John T. Salazar and Ed Perlmutter are probably yes votes, since they were co-sponsors of ENDA in 2007. (So why aren't they co-sponsoring it now?)

Representative Doug Lamborn is probably a no vote, since he voted against ENDA in 2007.

Representative Mike Coffman, a Republican, is a possible yes vote on ENDA. Though a Republican, he voted yes on the hate crimes bill.

Click here for contact information for the Colorado House delegation.

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