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ENDA liveblog tomorrow & some inspiration tonight

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Tomorrow morning at 10am Eastern, Dr. Jillian Weiss will be liveblogging the ENDA hearing in front of the Committee on Education and Labor. This hearing is crucial to ENDA's passage.

You can sign up here to be e-mailed a reminder of the event so you can chat with Projectors and other contributors as the hearing progresses.

And just in case you need inspiration to keep working for employment protections for all of our community, watch this video produced by American for Truth About Homosexuality's Peter "Porno Pete" LaBarbera. The distortions, untruths and sheer amount of prejudice and fear wrapped up in this one video is disturbing.

This is what those people think of all of us - not just some of us.

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Watch this space tomorrow morning for details on where to find the live feed of the Committee hearing. As of now, the plan is that it will be on the Committee's website at

However, it might be on C-SPAN instead, and I will know in the morning around 9am. I'll make sure you're updated in plenty of time.

You can watch the hearing in one window, and do the liveblog thing with us in another. Face it , hearings aren't all that exciting. You'll be able to watch and interact with me and other viewers about what we're seeing.

I also encourage everyone to call the members of the Committee who are not supporting ENDA. (Click here for names and contact info.)

Brynn Craffey Brynn Craffey | September 22, 2009 9:41 PM

Omg. I knew they'd go for the bathroom fear, but the focus on "teh children" was a surprise. Although it shouldn't have been, I guess.

As if an mtf in a public restroom would forget to lock the door.

What a vile, vile distortion. Our enemies are truly evil.

Number of reported incidences of trans women harassing, assaulting, or causing a scene in a public restroom: 0

Number of reported incidences of trans women BEING harassed, assaulted, or made a scene of in a public restroom: Much, much higher.


A crazy bus driver who runs around the bus talking about the Magical Mystery tour is obviously NOT qualified for the job. Despite the insanity of this ad, stupid people will believe whatever.

I wish GLAAD had more money so they could sue the bastards for defamation.

What? The right is lying when it comes to LGBTQ legislation? Seriously? I didn't know they ever did that.

Meghan Stabler | September 23, 2009 7:50 AM

Everybody, Please feel free to comment on the Education and Labor website, they allow for comments to be placed regarding HR.3017...

Please be civil in tone, and convey a good message as to why passing an inclusive ENDA is the RIGHT thing to do.


Meghan Stabler | September 23, 2009 8:11 AM

Looking at the C-Span schedule for today it doesn't look like the Committee Hearing on ENDA will be broadcast.


It's on the net at the Committee's website. I'll give you the link on the 10am posting. Go to the top of the blog to find it.

I watched it on CSPAN last night about 10 p.m. Arizona time.

Catherine Benskin | September 23, 2009 10:11 AM

This video, while not necessarily in and of itself being a "hate crime", is hateful. By promoting ignorance and fear, it does give permission to those with violent inclinations to act on them.

Of course, maybe it will help. It does show how little these people know of the transgender community. The way they are portrayed made me sad and my stomach ill. (Plus, the acting was really bad).

I am a Christian who promotes respect for all.

The problem someone with long term trans community contacts and who ran a housing project aimed at newly transitioned transsexual women, I can tell you that the two individuals in this film have many real life counterparts.

The trans community can deny this along with the open denial that no crossdresser ever caused incidents in ladies rooms (just plain not true, it happens quite often) Now we have Jasper as a living example out there and youtubing. Every couple of months or so is a story of someone crossdressed getting caught for indecent exposure(flashing), one case in a public library of all places!

These protrayed stereotypes exist. I had a couple just as bad as those portrayed come to me for housing, both utterly obsessed with sex, one who tried to run a prostitution business from our home! Both claimed to be "transsexuals".

The trans community has steadfastedly refused to clean it's own house. It must be done.

Certainly we ALL need to clean house and try to be better citizens.

That said, I think for every 'incident' that happens to include a transgender person, there are thousands and thousands of transgender people who abide by laws, who volunteer and help out in the community, who work hard and do a great job, who fight for their country and who serve the public and who make OUTSTANDING citizens.

Who isn't a little sex obsessed sometimes! We have gay politicians who hook up with a interns a little too young for themselves. I don't think that that's a function of the gay community, any more than these 'incidents' are a function of the trans community. If it were, no cisgender folk would ever be picked up for indecent exposure, and no straight lawmakers would ever have sex scandals (ahem, Republican party?)

This does bring up a very valid point. I've been wanting for some time to write a piece for Bilerico called "If we want to win, we've got to be better than." We do have to hold OURSELVES to a higher standard--especially our leaders and those of us in the LGBT community who get elected to political positions--than the heterosexual cisgender people do.

Personal accountability is just that--personal. And its the very spirit of the ENDA law. People will be judged by the content of their character, and the work that they do rather than by their gender identity.

Besides, these 'incidents' you speak of have nothing to do with employment. We don't have an ENDA and people are acting the fool now. They won't act any more foolish if ENDA is passed--nor will they act less. Nor will STOPPING ENDA prevent people from acting foolish.

A moron is a moron, no matter what the law is.

That's the point here. They're distracting from the real issue. ENDA doesn't force ANYONE to hire someone unqualified. Would that unqualified fakie be allowed to drive a bus whether or not ENDA passed, if she ran around the bus talking about the magical mystery tour? Hell no! Doesn't matter if she's trans or not, she's a moron.

I don't even want to GET to the bathroom shit. That's just stupid.

And that's what they want. They want to trick people into thinking that if ENDA passes unqualified crazy 'trannies' are going to drive business away, and ruin America. Transgender people don't DESERVE a paycheck, don't you know!

There is, of course, a separate issue here of being presentable on your job. Whether you're genderqueer, transgender, cisgender, homosexual, bisexual or heterosexual one should always strive to be hygienic, clean and neat when at work. This isn't a gay issue, its a professionalism issue.

If they want to fire someone for being incompetent or unprofessional or smelly, I support that. A damn workplace still has to function! But if someone does their job and does it well, they deserve a living! Incompetence and unprofessional behavior are SEPARATE issues!

Not to mention, we're doing trigger-happy bigot buisnesspeople a favor by making them think twice of getting rid of a highly qualified human asset!

Shit, ENDA is more of a gift for shortsighted conservative businesspeople than anyone!

ENDA is a worthless "feel good" bill.

I ran my own business for many years, if you don't want to hire someone or if you need to fire them, you can......regardless.

It only covers businesses with more than 15 employees, that cuts out every rural in effect.

It does not address public accomodations or housing, both at least as great a problem as employment and areas where legal teeth would have actual meaning.

The definition of gender identity is such a muddled mess that any future attempts at using the law are way open to adversarial judicial outcomes.

Do you have any idea just how difficult it is to prove a employment discrimination case? It's damn near impossible unless the employer was an open bigoted ass.

And just as a reminder, umbrella use of "transgender" to cover post corrected women is demeaning of their womanhood and considered insulting.

"And just as a reminder, umbrella use of 'transgender' to cover post corrected women is demeaning of their womanhood and considered insulting."

Please speak for yourself. Many transsexual women openly identify as transgender after SRS. Some trans women who don't want SRS also don't identify with the word "transgender". Some trans women are offended by the notion that SRS is a correction of a defect, others totally see it that way.

The most demeaning thing you can do to anybody's womanhood is generalize it and claim to speak for it as a whole.

No one who identifies as transgender post correction is a woman in my opinion because they have defined themselves out of the sexual binary by embracing that label, one of a third sex. You cannot have your binary cake and eat deconstruction of gender too. Not if you wish to claim any consistency of thought at all anyway.

Pre-corrected women born transsexual are women, those who insist on retaining the very badge of manhood, a penis, cannot in any meaningful real world sense be considered women except in trans-land.

The medical condition known as transsexuality (transgender is an identity, not a medical condition, transsexuality is a medical condition, not an identity) is defined by the need to put mind and body in congruence. That does not make SRS the standard, for many now days pursue that for reasons having little or nothing to do with the congruence but legal reasons etc. Thus, it is not the presence of the penis that defines you out of womanhood, but rather the desire to keep it that does.

So to recap, SRS doesn't make you a woman, women are much more than just physical parts. Womanhood is a neurological reality, a combination of common experiences and mindsets. A pre-correct woman is still a woman if she is neurologically female and if she is, she will seek to set her body correct.

This 'taint rocket science but does require being in touch with reality. If you reject the sexual binary, you are a "gender outlaw" and have surrendered any claims to a position in the binary, simple eh?

You seem to be trying to bait me......not interested.

"No one who identifies as transgender post correction is a woman in my opinion"

Thankfully, your opinion has nothing to do with anybody else's gender.

In much of the rest of the world's opinion, YOU are not a real woman unless you shave your legs and are attracted to men. These claims and yours are equally self-serving and seeped in ignorance and privilege.

"The medical condition known as transsexuality (transgender is an identity, not a medical condition, transsexuality is a medical condition, not an identity)"

Transsexuality isn't listed as a medical condition. It only exists in the DSM-IV, a book of psychiatric conditions. And its definition there has no real distinction between transgender people and transsexuals. If you're going to attempt to get authoritarian on me, you need to at least get your official definitions straight.

"You seem to be trying to bait me......not interested."

Spoken like a true troll.

"I can tell you that the two individuals in this film have many real life counterparts."

The black woman who is on welfare and has eight kids. The high school cheerleader who is a "slut" and gets pregnant. The angry feminist who's gone off the deep end and just shouts at everybody. The hedonistic gay guy that does cocaine and contracts HIV.

All stereotypes, all with real-life counterparts. And all their images are constantly exploited by hateful bigots that refuse to address the greater problem. What's going on here isn't any different.

"I can tell you that the two individuals in this film have many real life counterparts."

The black woman who is on welfare and has eight kids. The high school cheerleader who is a "slut" and gets pregnant. The angry feminist who's gone off the deep end and just shouts at everybody. The hedonistic gay guy that does cocaine and contracts HIV.

All stereotypes, all with real-life counterparts. And their images, too, are constantly exploited by hateful bigots that refuse to address the greater problem. What's going on here isn't any different.

battybattybats battybattybats | September 27, 2009 9:47 AM

Because of course cis men and cis women are never sex obsessed, never flash themselves, never visit or become sex-workers... oh wait a minute yes they do!

Every day there are Cis male and female exhibitionists, sex work customers, porn viewers (1/3rd and rising are women according to some sources!) and sex workers.

And believe me I've met a number of cis women exhibitionists, one in january in broad daylight flashed her crotch at everyone at a party I attended and went on to sleep with someones elses partner behind her own partners back, then the last party i was at several of the women started using one another cleavage to drink shots from. The first person was straight, the others were lesbians both in couples and single.

So when cis women behave like that...

Then holding transgender people to a different standard is waht it sounds like. A plains as day double-standard.

Reminded me of some of the photos posted of Pride parades. Saying no one will appear in a persona like was depicted is disengenuous...they will, and have...take Miss Jasper as an example.

Whatever...leave transsexuals out of the equation.

What if there were a bunch of Susans who ruined the good name of Susans everywhere, and everyone always said, "I'd support lesbian rights, but look at all of those Susans! They'd ruin our America!" Should we leave the Susans out, then? After all, some of them giving the rest of us a bad name. I think its fair. We'll leave the trans people out of ENDA if we can leave the Susans out too.

Wow, I just stumbled upon what you're talking about with "Jasper," and I watched the video, and I don't understand why there's so much hate!

Jasper is very articulate, temperate and reasonable. I have no problem with Jasper's explanation of her gender. I've known genderqueer folks in my life, you've apparently only now come across someone who just doesn't feel the need to prescribe to arbitrary gender norms. Why does Jasper threaten you so much? My goodness, I've met; hung out with; and had a BALL with FAR more radical genderqueer individuals in my life, honey. Jasper's a SNOOZE in comparison. Jasper's vanilla! Ha

Jasper, you go girl. Don't let anyone else's hate and ignorance get you down. Hate on that level only comes from not being right with yourself.

Gee Phil, as a guy I'm not surprised you don't have a problem with Jasper declaring to the world "This is what a transsexual woman looks like" or claiming the exact same neurological intersexed birth condition a post corrected woman deals with.....there are a couple of words for it. One begins with miso the other gyno

If Jasper wants to be a gender-queer, I have absolutely zero problem with that but when Jasper mocks the womanhood of someone who paid often hellicous prices to get to, yup, got a big problem with that. And you have demonstrated beyond measure why I also have a big problem with gay men speaking for post corrected women.

As a lifelong feminist I have a major problem when others speak for me and dismiss my own voice, always will. Support is one thing, appropriation quite another.

Since you seem to be unaware of a lot of the sub issues among the trans, perhaps a continued educational effort is in order before you represent anyone?

I'm more than happy to check out any links that you want to share. I'm sure that I do need to learn a lot more about a lot of things. I'm but a babe, and I'm ready and willing to learn.

That said, noone has given me any reason to hate on any general group or category of person yet that has convinced me. Even Republicans--believe it or not. I don't even hate on them just for BEING Republicans.

I save my malice for specific people who show hate first. I can be a lot more focused and efficient in my energy that way.

I don't claim to know anything really about transgender (or genderqueer) issues, only that I don't have a high threshold for hate against any group, and I certainly find intra-community discrimination and squabbling a total waste of time and energy.

Then again, if you don't see yourself as part of the community, the last statement has no weight. And I've got nothing more to say.

Phil, read Radical Bitch's comments above, and my responses to them after they've been approved, if you want to see just how much of a twisted superiority complex is at play here.

She has magically invented a medical condition that does not exist to try to claim that "true transsexual women" are better than all those "transgender weirdos". And it doesn't matter what anybody "claims" to be, because in her mind she apparently knows better.

I can tell you as a transsexual woman, beware of the "true transsexuals", they're usually just trying to prove how "normal" they are to the rest of society, at the expense of everyone else. It's like gay assimilationism taken to the next level, with pure speculation masquerading as hard science being used to back it up.

But remember, in her mind, I'm not a real woman either. And I'm sure she can find some reason to claim you're not a real man, if it's ever convenient for her to do so.

And that's the most aggravating part--all this infighting is counterproductive and pointless. Like you said, nobody's identity has anything to do with anyone else's. The whole point behind the greater movement of "identity politics" is that you can NOT define somebody ELSE'S identity. You can only define your own.

Everyone's journey is their own. Noone's journey belittles mine, or takes away from mine. What takes away from my journey is when someone maliciously intends to.

Jasper's existence doesn't belittle anyone else's existence, just as a straight (or non-straight) female of operative history does not belittle anyone else's existence. I don't see how someone else's personal journey has any bearing on anyone else's?

I'm always at a loss as to how to frame these things to those who refuse to see them. Let's try using another example from my own life.

I am physically disabled......two ruptured discs plus oesto-arthritic spurs pressing on my spinal cord in the same location. This means I walk with a cane on my good days and can eventually look forward to a wheelchair.

Jasper comes along and decides those handicapped parking spaces are much more convenient than the regular ones and declares himself "handicapped" without physical reality to back that. According to you this is perfectly ok since being handicapped is an identity (hun?) This is a version of something I actually experience quite often when I go shopping. On my best days I use the shopping cart but sometimes I need to use those riding carts. Most of the time there isn't one available because some totally lazy-assed non handicap person thinks it's fun to use them. This annoys the living crap out of me, go figure.

Are we a tad closer to understanding here or am I wasting my time?

"As a lifelong feminist I have a major problem when others speak for me and dismiss my own voice, always will."

"No one who identifies as transgender post correction is a woman in my opinion"

So which is it? It seems speaking for others is only a bad thing when it's *your* voice being invalidated.

I'm just wondering who's voice it is in the ad.I'm thinking Dennis Miller but may be wrong.Amy

Phil, please, please feel free to leave me out of anything GLBT.

I've said it before and I'll say it again, why is it that transsexual women keep coming to an LGBT blog to proclaim that they're not part of the LGBT movement and the community doesn't represent them well? If you're not part of the community than how are you being represented? If you don't want to be associated with anything LGBT, then why keep coming back?

quite simply Bil, because you keep putting up blog entries by those who insist they do speak for us....

And those who openly misrepresent us.
And those who demean us.

And myself, I'm bisexual.

Weakness of spirit and identity, Bil.

I have reached a point whee I *intentionally* speak to anyone that can be described as transsexual or transgender or gender variant.

And I don't give a damn about whether or not it pisses them off, because, in the end, these particular people are acting out of bigotry, fear, sexism, institutional racism, and willful ignorance.

The trans community is incredibly diverse -- and part of that diversity means that we have among us the same kinds of people who oppose us.

This gives us several options, but in the context of this site, it means you can ignore them, you can deny them and bar them, or you can give them all the attention they crave.

I have reached a point where I ignore them. There is no good faith in their efforts.

And without it, it's nothing more than what it genuinely appears to be: hate.

Miss Jasper doesn't threaten me at all, Phil, after all, Miss Jasper is what a transwoman looks like. As a gay man, I'm sure you think Miss Jasper is wonderful...perhaps there's a match there for you.

By the way, straight females of operative history don't generally speak to gay issues, what moves you, as a gay man, speak on the gender debate?

Do you see the gender debate as a gay issue?

I am not a black woman, but I sure as hell am not going to sit and listen to someone verbally abuse a black woman. I am not a latino man, but I sure as hell am not going to stand for the demeaning of a latino man. I am not Jewish or Muslim but I will be damned if I'm going to put up with anti-semitism or anti-Muslim bashing in my presence ever.

I don't even stand for generic "Christian" bashing, Republican bashing, Socialist bashing, or even--for the most part--celebrity bashing.

I may be an ignorant, privileged, white gay man who doesn't know his eye from his elbow, but I'm proud to not harbor hate in my heart for people just because of who they are or what group they belong to.

Honey, you got a lot to learn about hate, and you certainly won't be learning anything about it while you're wallowing in it.

There is NO difference in my mind between different 'types' of hate. What the hell is that? Hate is hate! It all comes from the same place. I'm talking about hatred of someone because of the group they belong to, or who they associate with, I'm not talking about the righteous anger that needs to be felt toward real enemies of peace, which are the hateful people who ALSO yield power and authority.

I do not abide by hate at all. I've been the victim of hate before, and I know better. If you've ever experienced ignorant, bleeding hate in your life, you ought to know better too.

I think I do have some learning to do about a lot of things--right now these classes I'm taking certainly a part of that--but I think we got a pot and a big ass kettle situation here.

And I'm not going to apologize for defending a group of people from bigotry, ever.

Gee, Bil, as soon as the transgender part of the GLBT quits appropriating classic transsexuality and gay men quit speaking for us I think many of us would disappear at the speed of light...surely you know that. Don't you? After all, it's the gist of every comment we make.

Now, Phil...honey...please point to exactly where I allude to hating anyone in any of my previous comments on this thread. Go ahead, cut and paste it. I only made three comments...shouldn't be hard for you to find all that hate and bigotry...honey.

Because I don't want any association with the transgender, and by implication your GLBT...are you saying that is hate?

Or maybe it was my comment on there being transgender like Miss Jasper who could double for the people in the anti-ENDA that fact hate to you...honey?

Are you saying that anyone who doesn't march lock-step with transgender ideology is filled with hate and that what you're saying, Phil? Is it?

And, while you're responding...answer my question you see the gender debate...the one you admit you know nothing about, yet have jumped into...a gay issue?

You're young, quite young...and marching out the same old tired "you hate" or "you're a bigot" crap is like water off of a duck's back to me, honey. You're an angry gay man who's barged into a comment/discussion thread looking for a fight, engaging in something you admittedly know nothing about, the sum total of your insight seeming to be you "don't hate"...well, good for you, I don't either and I don't appreciate your implication that I do. You haven't a clue about the gender, nada, nairn a one. I don't bluster over easy from a young gay man who wasn't even born when I first attempted to transition once again telling me I'm a hate monger and bigot for objecting to the appropriation and colonization of my sexual identity by a group I do not belong in and want nothing to do with...but am yet held captive of by nature of the transgender political construct.

Take your high and mighty indignant tone somewhere else, doesn't fly well with me...honey.

I'm curious how stepping on the rights of other minorities is defending anything. When TG's and Gays use shoutdowns and epithets like "bigot" and accusations of "hate" to slur other minorities (i.e. women like me) it doesn't really look like a defense at all. That's pure attack.

perhaps it looks that way because it is attacks?

It's quite interesting that those of us who are a tiny minority are somehow the bullies, the haters, the bigots for defending our own realities from those who feel they have the god given right to define us against our expressed objections. When it comes from a fundie it's seen as what it is, when it comes from a TG or gay man, it's turned back on us?

Hmm that's interesting. So they dropped "gender expression" and are now just going with "sexual orientation" and "gender identity".

What do the TG supporters here think about that?

Also, I do not know about cross-dressers, as I don't know any personally right now, but among my circle of trans women friends (and friends-of-friends) I've NEVER heard of that kind of bathroom incident happening. Ever.

The transgender community hasn't "steadfastly refused" to do anything, as it isn't one monolithic entity. It is fragmented into small social circles that mostly keep to themselves. Partly because we've only just started having enough influence to create a political movement, and also because we're very rare and scattered all over the place.

You might want to stop for a minute before condemning these trans women you gave as an example. I don't know the entire situation, but I do know what is a very common experience for trans women:

Completely shunned and invalidated, often thrown out and rejected by their families and friends. Having to make up for all the stages of development they weren't allowed to go through as little girls. While having almost no social support to speak of.

And on top of that, having to deal with the same oversexed stereotypes of womanhood that everybody else has to deal with, only with the added pressure to "prove" their womanhood in the face of a society that sees them as "pretenders" or "wannabes". While simultaneously being denied employment and often having nothing to turn to BUT prostitution to make a living.

A few trans women might end up not so well-adjusted after that, for some odd reason. Consider your own privileged status before casting judgment.

My own privileged position? Whoa! way to jump the conclusions for a world record!

You know it's getting pretty old accusing classic transsexuals of hate every time we say, "pleases please let us speak for ourselves, we have voices and we are happy to use them." How is that hate?
So let me spell this out for you in words of one syllabal to make it real esay. We do not hat you!

We will speak for us we do not need you to do it for us.

Is that clear now? Has that sunk in?

If you stop promoting transgender as transsexual we will be gone from your blogs and forums in an instant.

One more thing while I am here. Classic transsexuals are not a version of gay or lesbian.

How would you react if we Began a campaign to make homosexuality illegal? You'd be insensed and rightly so. Well THAT is how we feel when you all promote transgender as transsexual, we are grossly offended. Please stop.

Jamie, sweetcheeks, I think you need to do just a little more homework before you are quite so dismissive as to the validity of Transsexuality as a medical condition. Until John Money introduced his Gener theory which is now discredited, Transsexuality was a medical condition. There is a large body of evidence that transsexuality is in fact a neurological intersex condition. Research continues in that field but so far the work is quite conclusive.
Radical bitch who you so carelessly dismissed is not privilaged in anyway. I don't call being transsexual a privilage anyway. It is true that real transsexuals generally achieve better transitions than say transgenders. Care to speculate as to why?
Don't bother I'll make a suggestion for you too consider. Real transsexuals are intrinsically women. So when we transition it works better and the purpose of transition is to be women not some spurious third sex.
I fail to see where you can insert into that some heirachy> There is no heirachy. It's not better or worse it's just different.
So this is clear once again:
We do not hate you or anyone else.
We are women.
We are not transwomen
We are not Women Born Transsexual.
We are not certainly not transgender.
We are Women, just women got it now? women.
I am not speaking for you, do not speak for me.


As you have issues with Raidcal Bitch's opinion, I was just wondering why you feel it is that so many transgender say they are a transwoman...instead of just woman. I suspect there are many who share the same opinion as Radical Bitch. If you think about it, a "woman" who says they are transgender is straight up saying she is something other than a "woman". I mean, one doesn't see natal females prefix their gender, so why would the transgender?

"...beware of true transsexuals..."

Why? We aren't better than anyone else, and as for proving we are "normal"...well, I guess we are. One thing for sure is that after GRS we don't prefix our name to instantly relegate ourselves to something other than, less than, or different than...just female. Why does that concern you?

Susan...a proud tonsilectomywoman.

Ladies -

This thread has become severely off topic. Can we please take the transsexual vs transgender debate elsewhere? There are threads appropriate for that, but this isn't one of them. At this point you're just clogging up people's inboxes with comments on a topic they didn't sign up to have to deal with and I'm tired of the complaints.

Take it somewhere else.

That's an absolutely disgusting video. I've actually met trans women that appear similar to the person in drag in that video, and I think they absolutely do deserve the right to employment. I mean... wow. Should we just kill or beat up everyone that doesn't match society's image of what a man or woman should look like?

Of course, that *is* how society actually feels, isn't it? Get rid of the freaks. If you don't conform to the rules of society, you're not allowed to play the game.