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Florida's George LeMieux: Legislator of the Day

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There lemieux.jpgis something new under the sun: a new Senator from Florida.

After the resignation of Senator Mel Martinez, Governor Crist appointed George LeMieux, his former Chief of Staff.

Senator LeMieux only recently has a shiny new Senate telephone number and email.

Will you give him a note of congratulations, mixed with a bit of ENDA support requesting?

Interesting article in the South Florida Blade this week, suggesting that our newest Senator may be willing to support ENDA...contact info and more after the jump.

According to Wikipedia, he was Chairman of the Florida-based law firm of Gunster Yoakley & Stewart, P.A. and served as Chief of Staff to Governor Charlie Crist, was former Deputy Florida Attorney General, and is credited with spearheading Crist's successful campaign for Governor. At 40, LeMieux is the youngest member of the U.S. Senate.

In the cheekily titled "Governor Crist Plays Both Sides," an article in the South Florida Blade suggests that Senator LeMieux might be amenable to supporting the Employment Non-Discrimination Act.

If LeMieux votes in favor of ENDA, it will appeal to liberal voters, and Crist can take the credit for appointing him. But then when it's Crist's turn to run for office, he can just shrug, point at LeMieux, and say "I didn't tell him to do it, don't blame me." With both sets of voters on his side, he'll be a sure thing in 2010.

An interesting read, and definitely fodder for the Machiavellian among us.

Please call Senator LeMieux (pronounced "leh-mew," according to his voicemail) and ask him to support S1584. I called a few times this morning, and got voicemail and then a message that his voice mailbox was full. You might want to write him a letter.

Here's his contact info.

LeMieux, George S. - (R - FL) Class III
(202) 224-3041
E-mail: [email protected]

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LeMieux begins his temporary term viewed as the puppet of Charlie Crist, keeping the seat warm for Crist's own senatorial bid. However, some political pundits expect LeMieux to use his brief term to gain name recognition so he can run against Democrat Sen. Bill Nelson in 2012. So, yes, LeMieux possibly might cast a few moderate votes while Crist busies himself courting the far-right. But I doubt any gay rights bill will gain LeMieux's support. Crist did nothing to support gay equality in the Florida legislature this year, and I doubt his buddy LeMieux wants to be perceived as a friend of gays.