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Mario Nguyen is a natural born politician & needs a theme song

Filed By Bil Browning | September 29, 2009 11:30 AM | comments

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The National Equality March has a couple of American Idol-like contests going on currently where you can vote on a theme song for the march and a speaker for the event. Here's contestant Mario Nguyen.

This kid will be a politician when he's out of college. He's got the gift. You can vote for Mario to win by texting MARIO to 37686. Standard messaging rates apply and you can only vote once.

See the four possible theme songs after the jump.

"Stand For Love" by Toby Madigan

"Equality" by Todd (Tif) Fernandez

"Our Time Has Come" by Sean Chapin

"Courage of Our Convictions" by Julie Clark

My favorite is "Equality." After all, what's more queer than a showtune? (And can you imagine trying to turn any of the other three rather melancholy songs into a rallying theme?) What's your favorite? You can vote for the song you like on the National Equality March's Facebook page.

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Bravo Bill. Thank you for picking this up. I am so glad you got the courage to tell the truth as you see it. I agree 150% that Mario Nguyen is the Equality Idol and deserves to be keynote speaker at the National Equality March!

My favorite song is "Stand for Love" and my second pick is "Courage of Our Convictions" cause it's got soul! I thought the same thing that you did about Equality but then after some thought this march is a serious matter and we're there to show Americans our struggle, which is oftentimes painful so I think Stand For Love is most appropriate. The lyrics, the music, the message and the passion with which Toby Madigan sang that song is the embodiment of what this struggle is about, IMHO. Cheers!

"Stand for Love" is my favorite of the three songs as far as sheer "I'd listen to that on a regular basis," but it just doesn't say "March theme" to me. None of them do, really, but the show tunes song is the closest to a theme song.

These are all terrible and embarrassing.

The obvious answer is "Rights for Gays" by John Maus

Listen here:

Are there any buses or groups going from Indianapolis?

Go Mario! (He goes to my school)

@K. What's terrible and embarrasing is that song that you recommended. Was that supposed to inspire someone? Sounds retarded!

It's got a march beat! Its lyrics are easy to remember and sing along!

and it mentions "health care for everyone" which is timely!

Hello Everyone!!

It's Mario Nguyen! I am trying to get people to vote more please! Tell your friends! I am behind in votes (especially on facebook) Please vote before Thurs at 5pm (tomorrow) it closes!

I NEED YOU TO VOTE PLEASE!! There are 3 ways of voting and they are going to combine all of them so I need you to please vote using all of them:

1. Text "Mario" to 37686

2. Thumbs up (Like) my video on Facebook, you must be a fan of the National Equality March first otherwise you can not like the video. here is the link:

3. Sign into you tube and favorite/Rate my video a 5 please with the red stars under the video, and then favorite it! Here's the link: