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Mary Cheney donates money to homophobic Senate hopeful

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In the summer of 2007 I met up with my teen-years boyfriend to see where we were now. We didn't have much to talk about (which was one of the main reasons we knew it wouldn't ever work out... how little things change), so the conversation turned to the early primaries. He asked who I liked, and I said that I wish there were a viable, likeable candidate with the politics of Kucinich, but, really, it's not like any of the others could be worse than Bush. He said he like McCain because he would be "strong on terror." He said that he took Mary Cheney's position, that same-sex marriage is one small issue among many, and that he's not a "single-issue voter." I couldn't help smiling the rest of the evening. He still knew how to make me laugh.

Mary Cheney's recent donation to a homophobic Republican makes a whole lot more sense than if she donated to a Democratic one. Sure, she's part of the LGBT population. But it's not like we ever liked her. And being a lesbian, really, is only part of her life, just as sexual orientation is only part of most people's lives.

Consider: if the government turned back to sanity, if center-left and leftwing Democrats took over (which is highly unlikely), Mary Cheney would feel the consequences worse than most Republicans. She'd lose more of her inheritance and income than most if our tax structure became more progressive. The oil companies her family invests in would lose profits if green energy took over. While the profits from his Halliburton stock options were sent to charity while he was VP, it's not like Mary isn't thinking about how much less money they'd be worth if military spending were reduced to a reasonable amount. Heck, if politicians who cared about the rule of law took over the government, her father would spend his final years in prison.

The Democrats have shockingly little to offer the wealthy children of war criminals who stand to inherit millions in Halliburton and oil company stock options.

Yes, Rep. Rob Portman, the dude she gave money to, is a homophobe who opposes same-sex marriage and voted against gay adoption in DC. But Mary doesn't live in DC and it's not like Congress is going to be passing marriage any time soon. He'll probably also vote against ENDA, but it's not like Mary's ever lost a job she needed because of her sexuality. He'd vote against DADT repeal, but Mary isn't in the military. He'd vote against DOMA repeal, but she lives in Virginia anyway and is getting by just fine without marriage at all.

LGBT people's interests are diverse. We know that. And Mary Cheney is in a pretty strange position herself when one party is entertaining the idea of sending her father to prison for implementing programs she likely supports.

She's right that being a lesbian is just one part of who she is, but the implication that queers who vote Democratic are "single-issue" is just as untrue for us as it is when it's implied that she should be concerned with the fact that Republicans are by and large homophobic. Personally, I've never been a single issue voter. I'm also concerned with the fact that we go to war so easily, for what seems to be only the economic interests of people like Mary Cheney, as well as America's reputation on human rights and our treaty obligations, which require at least the investigation of people who admit on national television that they authorized torture.

Mary Cheney knows who her people are and has not forgotten at all who butters her bread. And I'm sure that homophobia is only part of Portman's politics as well.

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Hey, look. Even I can think a little bit like a Republican when the situation is this extreme.

Mary Chaney is in position to inherit $$$ MILLIONS AND MILLIONS $$$ someday when her parents croak --- if she doesn't do anything so egregious that she gets written out of their wills. (Give her parents the credit they deserve for not doing this simply because she's a lesbian and open about it.)

And when this largess does finally come her way, she will have to pay inheritance taxes on it (more or less, depending upon how it is positioned) and then she will have to pay income taxes on the interest made by whatever is left (such interest alone putting her way up into the $250K+ income bracket that Obama and the Dem's say they want to tax more heavily).

With an inheritance like that looming somewhere on her horizon, I suppose that makes her just an average lesbian that we can expect to behave financially --- and politically --- like an average lesbian.

Yeah, right!

And what further explanation do you need?

Q. How is that different from donating to a bigot like Obama or one of the Clintons?
A. It isn’t.

She's making the same mistake as those who gave money to Obama or voted for him after he said 'gawd's in the mix' and torpedoed our chances for same sex marriage in California, or people who voted for Clinton after DADT and DOMA.

It’s self destructive.

There is no such thing as a lesser evil. It's a myth. Democrats betray and the Republicans attack and that's not going to change.