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ENDA Hearing Scheduled, and Montana's Senator Baucus

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I have heard tell that there is a hearing on ENDA scheduled in the House for next Friday, September 18. Things are starting to move, and move quickly. Time to starting linking hands and singing!

Baucus.jpgToday I'm off to the National LGBT Bar Association conference today, formerly known as "Lavender Law," which is being held this year in Brooklyn USA. I'll be presenting in a panel on constitutional rights to gender autonomy, which should be lively and interesting. If I get a spare minute, I'll blog about it later. But with ENDA heating up and the semester starting, I'm neck deep in the swamps. And meanwhile, somewhere in Montana....

Montana is a key state in the fight for ENDA. Montana has two Senators: Senator Jon Tester and Senator Max Baucus. Senator Tester has already indicated privately his support for ENDA, though you should still call him too to give him fortifications for crunch time. But the one who hasn't said anything on the subject is Senator Max Baucus. He is our Legislator of the Day.

Please call him today to ask for his support on S.1584.

Facts and contact info after the jump.

Senator Baucus cosponsored a previous bill with sexual orientation in it, and voted for the hate crimes bill. He could very well be on the right side of ENDA.

On a side note, according to Wikipedia, the 2002 Montana elections got national attention when Baucus's opponent, state senator Mike Taylor, accused Baucus of having implied that Taylor was gay in a campaign ad. The ad, which alleged that Taylor had embezzled funds from the cosmetology school he once owned, showed footage from the early 1980s of Taylor massaging another man's face while wearing a tight suit with an open shirt. Taylor dropped out of the race and Baucus won with 63 percent of the vote. However, the ad was paid for by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee, not by the Baucus campaign.

Given Baucus's recent record, it looks like he is, in fact, a friend of the LGBT community. Please call him at 406-657-6790. (Click here to email)

The Rest of the Montana Crew

Interestingly, while Senator Tester has confirmed his support for ENDA in a letter to a Projector (comment 3), and previously voted for the hate crimes bill, he also Senator Tester has spoken against gay marriage, according to Wikipedia. Couldn't hurt to call him too. 406-252-0550.

However, Montana's only Representative, Denny Rehberg, voted against ENDA in 2007. If you want to contact him, he's at 406-443-7878.

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