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Moral values across America

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They're expecting to certify R-71 in Washington by tomorrow, despite the suit by gay activists to keep it off the ballot. If they're successful (and if even some of their accusations are accepted by a judge, they should be), then the gays will have won a victory over traditional values in the courts, and people won't be happy at all with democracy being usurped. Forget the fact that, if their accusations are true, a Republican secretary of state ignored the law and allowed illegal signatures to be counted in order to advance his partisan agenda - it's always the gays who are at fault in any of these battles since, obviously, those motivated by their moral values are incapable of running dishonest campaigns.

In Iowa, NOM received a letter from the Iowa Ethics and Campaign Disclosure Board because they were promising donors to a campaign on behalf of a conservative state house candidate that their names would be kept secret, even though that's illegal in the state for donations over $750. But you can see why they should be allowed to do it - homophobes have to keep their political activities secret because gays will do awful things to them, like send them sternly-worded postcards.

In Maine, NOM managed to raise several hundred thousand dollars through other private charities to put a question to turn back same-sex marriage on the ballot while not disclosing their donors names, and the state's Ethics Commission is opening an investigation of their fundraising tactics. Once again, sternly-worded postcards, people. Postcards.

While it's clear that the right will stop at nothing to get their agenda passed, having been reduced to nothing but a racket, I have a feeling that serious journalists will be condemning angry gay activists crossing the line by the end of the year. Because that's the reality of being a maligned minority.

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Why is that these groups have to resort to trickery and secrecy? Didn't Christ tell them not to put their light under a basket?

Oh, well. Nevermind. Since when have they followed Christ's teachings lately?

This sort of thing has been carachteristic of the way this type of universal religion has operated in a general sense and this particular branch of Abrahamaism known as Christianity has always been this way. There has never been a time when it has been any sort of peaceful accepting thing.
But I am heartened that these people are becoming less and less likely to get away with it in that they are being investigated and they have been told no by the courts when trying to operate in secret. The fact that the courts and officials are willing to entertain arguments that these people should also follow the rules is a big step up.