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More polling in Maine

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Here's the most recent polling in Maine from Research 2000 by DailyKos:


The numbers aren't too bad right now; this could go either way. The break-down is what we've seen in all these campaigns before: women, younger people, Democrats, and urban areas are more likely to be OK with same-sex marriage.

The LGBT side of the question is already doing a better job with the ads and framing of the debate. Now they want more volunteers to show up and do more than phone bank:

And here's more polling idea, getting at the same general idea, but with a different framing:


It's close now, but the Maine No campaign has better ads than the Yes campaign and seems to have learned many of the right lessons from the No on 8 Campaign in California (ads that appeal to the state's populations and character, keeping same-sex couples prominent in advertisements, responding quickly to rightwing lies, getting volunteers involved with more than just phone-banking). If they pull this one off, this will be the campaign for the rest of the country to study.

(If this issue is important to you, consider donating to the campaign to help them keep ads on the air and their staff working.)

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I think the key is getting young people to talk to their parents and grandparents since the older demographic is what needs to be swayed. No on 1 should launch an official "talk to your parents, take them to the polls" campaign.

* Use EqualityMaine’s and the CourageCampaign’s phonebanks
* Call friends and family in Maine and encourage them to vote no on repealing marriage equality
* Write to Mane newspapers, websites and tv stations in support of marriage equality
* Make videos in support of marriage equality and what repealing it will do online at youtube, dailymotion, veoh etc.
* Donate money and time to EqualityMaine
* Twitter and blog in support of marriage equality

Remember in Maine if you present your case clearly and with all the facts Mainers will listen to you.This is a state where Town Meeting is how local government is done so get out here talk one on one and you will win them over.I lived in Maine for two years. I always was from away but once they got to know you they would listen to you but never try and ram it down there throat or come on better than them do that and you will lose.

Alex - thanks for keeping this issue on the front burner!! Two modest suggestions regarding your closing comment: 1. Please say "This issue is important to you . . . " There should be no "if."
And 2. please keep reminding Projectors that there's a box/link in the sidebar that makes it quick and easy to donate to No on 1.

I don't live in Maine and it's much more likely that I'd lose my job for being gay than that I'll ever get married. But this is not a 'marriage' issue, and it's not a Maine issue. It's an opportunity for lgbt people to back the elected leaders who advanced our cause and to make our case to an electorate that has generally proven fair-minded and independent. Even if you believe (as I do) that nobody should have the right to vote on our basic rights, the referendum is going to happen. This is the time and place to stop the christianists and their deceptive campaign or we'll be fighting it next in New Hampshire, Iowa and Massachusetts.

@ QueerToday, Paul and Cathy - thanks for three great comments - lots of great suggestions and good sense.

The numbers aren't too bad right now; this could go either way.

It was close in California until Obama jumped in on the side of the bigots. If it's that close then we'd better hope that Obama stays away and keeps his prejudices to himself for once. We don't need any more 'gawd's in the mix" torpedoes aimed at us.

First the ballot needs to read: Do you favor allowing same sex couples to marry in Maine? A yes vote should affirm gay marriage, not a negative one. That may have been part of the problem in California.

Second the pro-marriage ads should all have this line at the end. Even if you are not comfortable supporting same sex marriage publically, no one knows how you vote but you. Marriage rights are civil rights. Vote for what you know in your heart is right.

Don't forget, next Sunday is the Maine Day of Action. Want to help make a difference in Maine and can't afford to donate $? This is your chance to offer much needed help.

Donate early and donate often! Better yet, if you can afford to--GO VISIT! An in person volunteer will be able to help so much more!