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PRIDE in the PARK 2009

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The GLBT Resource Center of Michiana Pride in the Park 2009is holding their 2nd annual "PRIDE in the PARK" celebration on Saturday October 3, 2009 at Potawatomi Park, South Bend.

Festivities will commence at 1:00pm and conclude at 6:00pm. This is a kid friendly event so all ages are welcome. There will be vendor booths, food, games for kids, Bingo with Michiana's infamous Bradley, and LIVE MUSIC from the Jim Post Band.

And that's not all.

If you're interested in becoming either a sponsor of Pride in the Park 2009 or a vendor there is still time to do so. Information, Sponsorship and Vendor forms are available at the GLBT Resource Center of Michiana's website.

To understand the importance of this year's event, here is a little history from GLBT Resource Center of Michiana myspace:

The GLBT Resource Center was a safe, supportive and affirming atmosphere for all gay, lesbian, bi and transgender individuals. The Center provided meeting space for men's, women's, youth, and transgender support groups. There were social groups, concerts, free testing and events hosted at and by the Resource Center, but as much as the gay community relied on the GLBT Resource Center, so also the Center relied on the community.

The Board of Directors, management, committees, and staff are completely comprised of volunteers. Everyone working at and for the Resource Center got involved because they see the need in our community and they believe the Center is an integral part of meeting that need. Additionally, the majority of the Center's funding comes from the local community in the form of donations.

December 13, 2007 was a sad day for the GLBT community in Michiana. After three years, the area's only gay, lesbian, bi and transgender bookstore and community resource center was forced to close its doors. There was no warning and its closing left many in our community scratching their heads. The GLBT Resource Center of Michiana had served as an invaluable refuge for many people who either had nowhere else to turn or simply did not know where to seek help and support.

This year's event is a celebration of large proportions! The GLBT Resource Center of Michiana has regrouped and secured a new facility. Proceeds from the PRIDE in the PARK event will be used to finish the final touches.

The GLBT Resource Center is greatly in Michiana. Please help make this year's PRIDE in the PARK event a HUGE success and plan to attend. Better yet become a sponsor or vendor. If you have specific questions feel free to contact Tricia Wainscott, Executive Director.

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I am a 26 year old lesbian. Coming out for me, was horrible. I actually hated the consequences and reactions so much that I actually told my family I was lying, that I wasn't a lesbian. Being gay is not something anyone "chooses" to be. You don't just wake up one day and say "hey, i think i'm going to be gay". It's not like that. You know all of your life. And it's a scary thing to go through. Especially when everyone in your family damns you to hell and finds you an embarassment. I was kicked out of several homes because of my sexual orientation. But i've finally come to peace with myself and i'm happy to admitt that I am a gay individual. It's hard, it's very hard. But don't let anyone bring you down or damn you to hell. I am a christian. I believe in God And Jesus Christ. But i believe that everyone interpits the Bible how they want. I don't believe God will throw me in Hell because of something i have no control over. I believe love is powerful. and he is not judging us on who we fall in love with, or who we are attracted to, but he will judge us by the kindess in our hearts, the compassion that we show and the love that we give. So for all of you that are new to this and are just coming out, or experiencing hate and damnation. Don't give up. I too was in your shoes. I felt like giving up, but be who you are, and love it. You are in control of your life. And it's your life to live. So don't let the closed minded people in your life bring you down. God made us all unique, beautiful, and the way we're suppose to be. So block out the one's who discriminate, and move on. Life is too short to fight. Be who you are, because you are beautiful. I hope to see you all at Pride, I'm going to try and go!!!