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Queer music Friday - Billie Myers

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I bought Billie Myers's first album Growing, Pains back in the 90's. I bought a lot of albums back then (still do!), but I had no idea that Billie Myers was bisexual until just a couple of weeks ago when I saw an interview with her on The Advocate. Apparently, she wasn't gay enough for The Advocate back in the 90's. Transcript after the jump.

I wish I could put up the video for "Tell me," my favorite song off Growing, Pains, considering how queer it was. But since Universal doesn't allow embeds, I'll put up the acoustic version from Myers's personal channel.

She's no longer on Universal, though, and she released an album this year on her own record label and put it on iTunes before releasing a hard copy this week (available on her site). Here's "I hope you're happy now" from Tea and Sympathy:

Here's the part of Myers's interview with The Advocate:

There was a period of time when The Advocate wanted to do an interview with you. What did they ask of you? What kept them from putting you in?

Allegedly, I wasn't gay enough. And I gotta tell you, I was, um, I was incredibly offended by that. Somehow, I personally think that it was a real "fuck you," that The Advocate said that. Obviously, I hadn't slept with enough women. I didn't realize there was a, was it 10?

I work at The Advocate and you're gay enough for me now. It's new people.

It is and I was gonna say: clearly the new people are a lot more informed and not so ignorant. You know, if you're gonna have that kind of divide within a community that's already a minority and already discriminated against, you've got no hope.

What does "gay enough" to you mean?

I think it probably means that because I have the audacity to say "Yes I've slept with men," "Yes, I do actually find men attractive," "Yes, I have slept with women." You know, and I always say to people, I can't, I'm not gonna lie. And if I suddenly jumped on the "being gay" bandwagon, which so many people have done, guess what? When the next boyfriend comes out and says, "Oh, not so much, I slept with her," I'm gonna be Anne Heched into the desert.

For me, it's not a gender issue. It never has been. If I am going to go out with someone with a hairy chest I would rather it was a guy. And if I am going to go out with someone with breasts, honestly, I would rather it was a woman.

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I'll admit, I had no idea who you were talking about when I saw the headline. After listening to the first song though, she does sound somewhat familiar.

I'm glad the Advocate got over the "You're not gay enough." It's called bisexual. They're part of that whole LGBT grouping, duh. I wonder if it was the early 90s or later.