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Should men use condoms while cruising for sex?

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I love the stories about peopel who just plain don't like cruisers. It's always "They're having unprotected sex!" followed by "We know that because we found condoms!" Just say you don't like the idea that people are having sex and move on. If these folks were really just worried about kids walking in on the sex or themselves walking in on the sex, they'd just designate a lot in the city for it to happen and set it up with condoms and trash cans. It isn't that complicated.

And here comes another such story. A UK safe-sex charity got criticized by the local government for nailing bags of condoms to trees at a popular cruising area:

Local councillor Jim Dodds told the Huddersfield Examiner he had tried to ask the charity to stop distributing condoms in the area but had been accused of homophobia.

He said: "If you put seed on the ground for birds they will flock to it. By doing this they are only attracting more people down.

"We think people ought to do this sort of thing in the privacy of their own homes.

"They shouldn't be offering facilities for lots more to do it."

According to the newspaper, the Brunswick Centre was criticised two years ago for a link on its website which led to a pornographic cruising website. A former employee said it was encouraging men with wives and girlfriends to seek risky sex.

This person can apparently walk, feed himself, and maintain employment, and yet he's saying that passing out condoms encourages "risky sex."

Condoms don't encourage people to have sex. People will have sex whether condoms are around or not. Quite a few people had sex before latex condoms were invented, and, if we ban them all, people will continue to have sex. Years of abstinence-only education in the US has proven just that; sex always wins out over morality, "Just say no" is a failed message when it comes to sex, but self-preservation can make people put on a little piece of latex.

It reminds me of this article from earlier this year about a website that was publishing photos of alleged cruisers' cars online: focuses on the Haldon area of Devon, near Exeter. Local residents have previously complained about finding used condoms and tissues in the area.

It warns: "All over the country there is a disgusting underground world that most decent members of society have little or no knowledge of. This world is one where outwardly heterosexual men with wives and families at home go out 'cruising'.

It adds: "Many of these men partake in unprotected sex with each other, indeed their preferences are advertised for all to see on the websites referred to above. They then obviously go home to their families and will resume 'normal sexual relations' within that home, passing on goodness knows what disease to these completely innocent people."

The thing is, these people seem to understand that cruisers engage in safer sex benefits everyone. They don't just have sex with one another - they go on to have sex with people who would never dream of cruising in public.

And yet they're upset that the cruisers use condoms or that someone would have the audacity to hand out condoms to an at-risk population. Whether the cruisers are going to have sex or not isn't the question - the question is whether or not we want them to be using condoms. The charity handing them out has the right idea, but maybe they should also put out trash bags as well.

The city councillor, on the other hand, sees a great issue to prove his tough-on-crime/sex bona fides with. Should he win this battle, diseases will be spread more but the moral scolds will be a little happier. One would almost think that those two effects are related.

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"Should men use condoms while cruising?"

Wouldn't condoms be a bit difficult to put on while driving?

"Low . ri . der, goin' little slower now."

Hmmm... I cleared up that title. You're right. :)

Brynn Craffey Brynn Craffey | September 22, 2009 9:47 PM

If you put seed on the ground for birds they will flock to it.

I love the not-so-subtle dehumanization.

Argh!! I'm so sick of these right-wing moral cops!

Yeah, that's what I was thinking too.

Seriously, they just want the cruisers to die. I don't know if they get the fact that the people cruising there are already part of the so-called "general population."

Its really a big question that man uses condoms while sex or not?People have to aware from the use of condoms.