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Thank you Jeremy Bishop

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There are big changes happening at Pride at Work. Yesterday was the last day for long time Executive Director (and fellow Bilerico Project contributor), Jeremy Bishop. He is another talented gay man scooped up by the administration.

Jeremy has done an amazing job at Pride at Work ([email protected]). Every national organization has dwindling resources but [email protected] has managed to continue to do the important work of representing LGBT people in the unions. (Full disclosure here, my spouse is taking over for him as interim ED.)

In turn the unions have taken up many of our issues and worked for full equality in many settings. At the big AFL meeting this week in Pittsburgh, a union rep from Maine worked to get language into a resolution supporting marriage equality. A straight union rep stood up, literally, to demand full marriage equality for union members.

I have personally spent a lot of time with Jeremy. I BBQ his favorite steak and get him fresh corn on the cob for his visits to California. In turn we gossip, share strategies, argue, and conspire in true queer collaboration. He has always been there for both Jo and I not just as a colleague but a real friend. We are both thankful for his wisdom, humor and loyalty. Jeremy Bishop's work makes our movement better.

He is now moving on the Department of Labor and will be a liaison for the LGBT community in a department that has never extended its hand like this. I am excited to see what this department will do to help all of us out-of-work queers out here.

Job training programs? Job training programs in LGBT centers? How about a national tour, Jeremy, to see what the needs are around the country?

Please join me in thanking Jeremy for a job well done at [email protected] We will miss you there but look forward to seeing what you and the fabulous Hilda Solis come up with to make our lives better.

One more thing, Brian Bond, thank you, too, for opening so many doors for our folks.

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When I interned in D.C., I was able to work with Jeremy on a Trans Ally training that was held at the AFL-CIO building. His dedication and understanding of how so many issues are related has been a huge influence on my work. The Dept. of Labor (and there for all of us working folk!) are lucky to have him!

Michael Crawford Michael Crawford | September 19, 2009 5:13 PM

We need as many smart and committed people like Jeremy in the Administration as possible.

Congratulations to Jeremy. We will benefit greatly for his being at the Department of Labor.

Kathy Padilla | September 19, 2009 7:45 PM

Congrats Jeremy! A very fine choice by the administration.

Jeremy is a sweetheart and a gentleman. He's a huge "get" for the administration.

Kudos to him for getting recognition of his hard work over the past few years.

Gloria, you rock.

Jeremy, you rule!

I do like Jeremy. That seems like a good step up for him.


Thanks for the lovely post. I look forward to many more Santa Di Monico steaks. Yum. Steak.

I appreciate everyone here- who has been an ally- in good times and even more in bad.

I didn't say any goodbyes- because it is not one.

To do my new job (I think) I will need all of your help even more than before. So my personal email is [email protected] please be in touch-

I can't promise anything- other than I will do what I can to help...