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The Catholic Church enters Maine's marriage battle

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The Catholic Church is revving up for the ballot initiative in Maine. Does anyone think it's appropriate for the Church to be saying that a legal contract is defined by God? Notice the children being forced to participate in this ritual (after they complain about marriage being taught in schools!), as well as the, um, Church historian they interviewed who said that the Church's teachings aren't influenced by the changing times or by politics. Even for homophobes, these people have a stunning lack of self-awareness.

It's ironic, too, since the separation of church and state benefits Catholics. I don't know what delusion they're operating under, but if the government actually established a religion and enforced its rules, the US government would never pick Catholicism. They have as much to benefit from the separation of church and state as we do.

Wikipedia describes anti-Catholic sentiment in colonial Maryland, the supposedly Catholic colony:

The Colony of Maryland was founded by a charter granted in 1632 to George Calvert, secretary of state to Charles I, and his son Cecil, both recent converts to Roman Catholicism. Under their leadership many English Catholic gentry families settled in Maryland. However, the colonial government was officially neutral in religious affairs, granting toleration to all Christian groups and enjoining them to avoid actions which antagonized the others. On several occasions low-church dissenters led insurrections which temporarily overthrew the Calvert rule. In 1689, when William and Mary came to the English throne, they acceded to demands to revoke the original royal charter. In 1701 the Church of England was proclaimed, and in the course of the eighteenth century Maryland Catholics were first barred from public office, then disenfranchised, although not all of the laws passed against them (notably laws restricting property rights and imposing penalties for sending children to be educated in foreign Catholic institutions) were enforced, and some Catholics even continued to hold public office.

Discrimination against Catholic people because of their religion has deep roots in this country, and having a system where laws get made to support or keep down a certain religion isn't a system that's going to benefits Catholic Americans.

Furthermore, considering how often the "dual loyalty" charge has been leveled against Catholics (most famously against Kennedy, with people suggesting he'd take orders from the Pope instead of from the American people), you'd think a Catholic clergy member wouldn't want to be on the news for saying that the Church's teachings from the Vatican were motivating their participation in a political initiative. It assumes one of the worst stereotypes of Catholic people - that they put the values of the Church ahead of American values - and assumes they'll follow through with it because, well, they're Catholic and Catholics need a Pope to think for them.

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Dual loyalty has always been a problem for American Catholics who resolved it largely by pretending not to hear clearly the voice of the Pope because he was farther away than the president and besides, he has no police on American soil.

The Catholic Church should excommunicate all Catholic politicians who do not speak out and vote against abortion and same sex marriage. Let's make everything clear and then the Catholics in the pew will be forced to make a significant choice. (They will choose country over pope in large number.)

Here is the frightening and infuriating part: I know a few gay priests in Maine. I am not in touch with them now, but I knew them in Rome and from school. How they can allow that odious and probably illegal second collection to take place in their churches in beyond my understanding. Shame on them all. For this action alone, they should be outed.

...Church historian they interviewed who said that the Church's teachings aren't influenced by the changing times or by politics.

Tell that to Galileo.

What?!? What is this?
The CataHOLics are involved in Politics?

THIS is why when JFK ran for the Presidency in 1960, there was a HUGE hoopla about his Catholicism. Would he run the good ole USA for the Pope or for the People?

People were actually concerned about this back then. We look back at that and laugh now. How INSANE! Lubricious. What judgmental bigotry.

Organized "religion" is organized.
Agenda... agenda... agenda.

More wars, bigotry and deaths over "religion" then GOD ever wanted.

The Catholic Church has a lot of balls whining about the sanctity of marriage, when they cannot even protect the sanctity of the children around pedophile priests.