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Wanna see Levi Johnston's Johnson?

Filed By Bil Browning | September 03, 2009 9:30 AM | comments

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Fresh off the heels of Levi Johnston's popular Vanity Fair photoshoot, he's now been offered a Playgirl spread. And he's accepted - because he thinks it's a magazine "where a dude poses for women."

Oh, Levi. You're so pretty.

Notice the big dick jokes at the end and the handler's warning about making sure you've got the junk if you're gonna pose for Playgirl. Levi will be keeping his skivvies on for the cameras. So what's that tell us?

Video after the jump.

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It tells us that he knows his audience and he knows how to earn a buck.

Nothing he does or says is accidental or naive or unplanned.

I'm in full support of exploiting him. I'm just not going to spend one cent of my own money on it.

They make 'em cute in Alaska...

but EVERYTHING'S bigger in Texas.

Maybe it's only me but I really don't get the fascination with this guy...

He's doable...

I wonder if he wasn't riding on the last year of Palin would anyone give him the time of day. He is cute, but in the cutsie, short, lumpy kind of guy way. He will be used, abused, and be the latest wantabe on the trail of so many who want their 15 minutes of fame on notoriety they had little to do with.

Good luck, Levi, take it while you can.

Tawdry and predictable.

Is anyone else having the problem of the video starting on it's own sometimes?

Okay, not only is the video playing when I first come onto the site, it is also playing when I return to the main page from reading the jumps. Not good.

I moved it to after the jump.

Now - anyone know what the song is that plays during the video? I really want to buy it.