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Week 4 of Vogue Evolution

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What do you all think of Lil Mama's speech to Leiomy?

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I think her speech in entirely appropriate, but not on national TV. I think brief commentary on her behavior, such as the third judge made would have been a little better, but the longer, "Bitch, do NOT play." commentary makes for better TV drama.

Agreed, Liz. It would be okay to dress her down for not being a team player, saying it has anything to do with being transgender is simply unfair and insulting. That's a human failing not limited to any one gender identity, sexual orientation, or other needless classification.

I didn't like the "you were born a man" bit. She was born with male physique, but a female brain.

With that said, Leiomy WAS being a bitch. Rolling her eyes, always with the shitface despite compliments, frigid with her partners.

It's kind of the judges' fault, though. They kept making her the focus of their praises so as to avoid gay male sexuality (Leiomy poses as female sexuality, which is more accepted than gay male sexuality), and this constant focus on her gave her a diva complex.

rapid butterfly | September 2, 2009 8:58 AM

I thought the speech was out of line. "Never forget you were born a man" and so, you can be allowed to be a woman if you act "ladylike"? I thought it was patronizing and dismissive on several levels, most certainly including an effective denial of Leiomy's femaleness and the implicit ability to give it or take it away whenever Leiomy's behavior was unacceptable to Lil Mama.

No doubt Leiomy was being a PITA. But not being a PITA and trying to respect your teammates are issues of personal responsibility - not issues related to being a woman (trans or otherwise).