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When all else fails, just lie, lie, lie

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Here's the yard sign (via Slog) that the homophobes are putting up in Washington to defeat R-71, the ballot question that asks voters to approve of the major expansion of domestic partnerships the state legislature passed earlier this year. Notice something that doesn't belong?


It's a wonderful strategy for the right. Marriage generally polls much worse than "equal rights for same-sex couples." In Washington, polling data shows that if the issue is same-sex marriage, 36.7% of people approve. If it's domestic partnerships, 66% of people approve.

So why not just change the issue when it comes to anything in order to win a ballot initiative? If a group wants to repeal the estate tax, instead of going for the tired "death tax" framing, they should just say "Stop murdering blind orphans with diseases, vote 'Yes' on R-62." If another group wants to ban cruelty to chickens like in California last year, leave the boring animal rights stuff at home and pick a slogan like "Stop nuclear holocaust, vote 'Yes' on Proposition 2."

Here's the LGBT side's yard sign. Kinda boring, but it gets the point across. It would look better if it said "Stop the death penalty from being instituted in public schools," but it'll have to do.


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This issue will have to be resolved by courts at some point. It's just to easy to manipulate public opinion by lying without repercussions.

The cognitive dissonance with the term "equal rights" while excluding "marriage" (a right itself...) is just rich.

And our team might want to come up with a counter sign that states the facts like protect everything but marriage which is what the new law is.

Isn't there still a chance that R-71 will be removed from the November ballot by the court because of inadequacies in the sloppy signature gathering that supposedly "qualified" it?

"Isn't there still a chance that R-71 will be removed from the November ballot by the court because of inadequacies in the sloppy signature gathering that supposedly "qualified" it?

No. After the second court ruled against us, it was decided to not appeal the decision. I suppose that it was felt that if people were holdng out hope that it wasn't going to be on the ballot, that they wouldn't start working full-out to campaign against it. Since many jurisdictions in WA. have mail-only elections, ballots will start to be mailed out in a matter of weeks, and there just isn't time for a mixed message or split resources.

Geeze, I just made the same mistake the right-wing is hoping for. We want to campaign FOR the passage of R-71, not against it.

We were against getting it on the ballot, but now that it is, we need to APPROVE it.

Sorry about that.

Is it just me, or does their sign look EVIL? Dark, scary silhouettes, with UGLY red letters that look as if they drip blood.

Maybe that's just my own baggage.

Hmmm, I can't resist. Curiously the colors are the same as those of WWII era Nazi Germany's Flag! Could it be these people are attracted to this color combination? There are a lot of similarities in LGBT opponents and Nazi movement of that time......

It was never really about marriage for the hard core of our opponents. It was about our acceptance.

NOM's board contains members who are on record as supporting the re-criminalisation of our love. They want us hidden or locked up, loathed and abhorred and ashamed.

This has never really been about marriage for the right wing leadership.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | September 20, 2009 8:30 AM

Maura, bingo!

It should not be about marriage for us either, but equal civil rights that lead to a legal redefinition of domestic partners. The right usesthe word "marriage" like a sledge hammer and this week end we waste incredible amounts of time about "cis!"


One of the Churches deeply involved in the opposition to our eqality, the "love the sinner hate the sin" closeted crowd of Roman Catholic Bishops and priests have made their agenda clear if you can raise your eyes to see beyond US borders.

In Nigerian and in Uganda, they have partnered with the Southern Anglicans to make two LGBT's in the same room a crime punishable by five years imprisonment, and have done so with the support of Rome, openly.

The Bishops are lying here, and no one calls them on it, no one ties the church to it's real agenda as demonstrated by what they have done where they have the power NOW fo do it

I always love it Indiana when I have to debate one of the right-wingers. They say "We oppose same-sex marriage!" and I always say, "So you support civil unions or domestic partnerships?" and they usually mumble a begrudging yes or an adamant no. If it's no, then I say, "So you actually oppose any form of recognition of our relationship and not just marriage. You'd rather my community just crawl back under a rock. This isn't really about relationships, it's about your prejudice towards people like me."

The crowd will go nuts.

I say we co-op some of these strategies. That's where earmarks could really become useful. A Marriage Equality bill with a new tax cut--who would vote against that!: "DECREASE TAXES/INCREASE TOURISM! VOTE YES ON PROP 99!"