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WWII Soldiers in drag

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Queenie's my type of girl!


Take a peek at other WWII era soldiers in drag from someone who was there.

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Did you know that Ed Wood, the B-Movie producer, went into the battle of Guadalcanal wearing a bra and panties under his uniform? Christine Jorgenson was a WWII veteran. TAVA has a WWII veteran as one of our members, Jane Fee, who is also distinguished as the first openly transgender person to have been elected as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in 2000. CNN followed her around for 8 hrs.

When I was in the Navy and on board submarines, we would have a celebration when we reached the halfway point in the patrol. At this Halfway Night celebration, the was always one shipmate who just so happened to have all the right clothes and makeup to dress as a woman at that time. In later years, I understood this better. I was never that person, because I was too damn scared I would look too good.

History is full of transgender-like people who have served this country.

I remember being a kid and hearing Klinger get told something to the effect of hell son, one of the rough riders went up San Juan hill in a yellow dress
I always liked that one.
I have a joke in my stand up act about a cop who first dressed as a woman for a sting operation and then started volunteering for that duty as often as he could.

Thanks Gloria, Monica, & Rob.

This article and comments add insight into
LGBT history.