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Yeah, iPhone users it's all your fault

Filed By Michael Crawford | September 03, 2009 9:30 AM | comments

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Reading the New York Times, I came across a story that featured AT&T executives and analysts whining about iPhone users actually using the devices that they've purchased.

It's a data guzzler. Owners use them like minicomputers, which they are, and use them a lot. Not only do iPhone owners download applications, stream music and videos and browse the Web at higher rates than the average smartphone user, but the average iPhone owner can also use 10 times the network capacity used by the average smartphone user.

"They don't even realize how much data they're using," said Gene Munster, a senior securities analyst with Piper Jaffray.

In other words, we sold you those fancy iPhones, but we really didn't expect you to use them.

AT&T is making more than a pretty penny from it's exclusive contract with Apple as the sole carrier of the iPhone and it should stop whining and actually implement better technology to improve user experience.

Some of the most anticipated capabilities of the IPhone 3Gs like multimedia text messaging and tethering which would allow the iPhone to share it's internet connection with a computer are not available to U.S. iPhone users because of AT&T's technology.

A dirty secret among American wireless companies is that Americans are paying more for less in wireless service. Wireless users in countries like Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea enjoy much faster service and mobile devices with more cutting edge features at cheaper prices at far cheaper prices.

AT&T will lose it's exclusive contract with Apple likely next year and droves of iPhones will migrate to different carriers. If AT&T wants to retain that customer base it needs to stop blaming it's customers and focus on building it's lagging technology.

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