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Criticize Homophobic "No Homo" in Hip Hop and get your Pink Slip from Fox "News"

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Dr. Marc Lamont Hill, a political analyst and associate professor of education at Teachers College in New York, 1.jpgis learning what we all have known for awhile: Fox News doesn't like any support of "the gays" or any criticism of the network.

Hill was a talking head on Fox News. Key word being "was."

HIll had been an outspoken critic of the term "no homo" in Hip Hop, both on Faux News and in essays online like the one on Black Voices:

By punctuating even the most sexually non-suggestive sentences with a homophobic disclaimer, we reinforce the idea that gay and lesbian people are worthy of ridicule, shame, and surveillance."

How did Hill find out about his firing by Fox? By google alert. Stay Classy, Faux News...

Hill has long been a target of forces on the far-right at Fox News (because heaven forbid there be a voice that isn't a card carrying teabagger...). According to Think Progress:

Right-wing propagandist Cliff Kincaid, who works for "Accuracy in Media," has been on a crusade to try to get Hill fired from the network because, as Kincaid has said, Hill is a "left wing cop-killer apologist." In a celebratory note after Murdoch's announcement, Kincaid noted that he had in fact asked about Hill during last week's News Corp. meeting and criticized Fox for not doing "elementary analysis" of Hill before they hired him.

marc-lamont-hill-2.jpgThat's right- apparently Fox News didn't check and make sure Hill would tow the party line before hiring him and he *gasp* spoke some truth to power. Not only has he called out homophobia, but he also called out Fox News itself:

Hill also commented about the recent spat between the White House and Fox News. "Is Fox News a right-leaning organization? No doubt about it," Hill said.

Stop being so "fair and balanced", Hill!

When asked why he thinks he was fired by google alert from Fox News, Hill said:

people can certainly look on the Internet and Google and see all sorts of stories and information as to why I was fired.

Hmmm, Hill has been attacked by the right-wing smear machine, has a viewpoint that challenges Faux News, and speaks out against homophobia?

I'm surprised Glenn Beck didn't have a countdown clock on his show about him as he cried about being afraid for his country...

For really good read, head over to Black Voices for Hill's essay about the "No Homo" meme.

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I was hoping the no homo thing would go away if we ignored it.

I am not familiar with Hill's work; however, if he is good at what he does in broadcast journalism, then I am confident that this firing will result in a better opportunity for him somewhere else. Such things have happened to others (Example: Tavis Smiley gets fired at BET and lands handsomely at PBS), and my prediction is that could happen for hill, too.

As long as the technical quality of one's work is solid, journalism is one field were it is more difficult to "blacklist" someone --- contrarianism and challenge is an intrinsic part of the journalism role, and what is regarded as a fault by one publisher or producer might be exactly what the next publisher or producer is looking for.

Typos above: Capitalize "hill" at end of first paragraph, and change "were" to "where" in second paragraph --- my apologies! --- AJL

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | October 23, 2009 7:29 AM

I have recently left on Fox News in the morning which is the evening broadcast in the states. They are so wrapped up in how Obama views them as not a news organization at all, but a video radio talk show program.

That's Entertainment! This is cynical calling out to keep any thread of controversy they can find.

It is incredible to me how they go from "news coverage/commentary," that implies eminent peril to mankind, to some obscure doctor tasting Durian ice cream. Or worse yet some old fart who has an oversize toy train or someones pet story. This is true tabloid broadcast journalism.

Yes, these people vote and worse yet they breed. It is enough to make me freeze my sperm. :)

Oh, he'll be back. Not on Faux News, but an intelligent, outspoken, critical and fair man like that, with a big bone to pick with Fox is now going to be a perfect addition to MSNBC! They'd be idiots NOT to pick him up.

That's exactly what I think, Phil.

You should have seen what would have happened if he'd said nice things about Obama too!

twinkie1cat | October 23, 2009 1:43 PM

Just goes to show that "fair and balanced" means at FOX: Reasonably sane conservatives who walk on eggs and don't dare go against the Republican Party line and its twin gods Rush and Glenn, balanced by extremist nut cases. It could not possibly include moderates, Log Cabin Republicans or Christians!

May Fox soon lose all its advertisers and rest in peace.

Do tool on over to Black Voices (follow Waymon's link at end of post) and check out not only the column elucidating Hill's views re "No homo", but also the comments posted there.

Paraphrase: "I have nothing against gays, except their lifestyle is outside of God's plan, they are out to shut down the Boy Scouts and they constantly try to seduce our straight boys. But I am not homophobic."

And of course Hill must be on the down-low because he doesn't buy in to all this anti-gay crap.

Enough to show that black liberal bigotry is just as alive and well as white liberal bigotry? ... Time for us to draw up another Bingo Card ...