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Cynthia Nixon talks with Bilerico Project at the National Equality March

Filed By Bil Browning | October 13, 2009 7:00 PM | comments

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It was fun getting my picture taken with Cynthia Nixon, but her speech on stage at the National Equality March was fiery! After she got off stage, I caught her leaving the area and asked her what she thought was the most important issue facing the LGBT community.

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Yeah, that's what she said in her speech. It's probably the most important thing for New York LGBTS, but not so much us southern queers. I was glad to hear her perspective and see her there, though. :)

Repealing DOMA is about more than just marriage. Repealing DOMA will allow the Federal Government to FINALLY be able to offer EQUAL benefits to the spouses of all of its employees. There are tons of southern queers working for the Federal Government! :)

Right. I didn't mean to imply that it wasn't important at all, and I probably shouldn't be speaking for a whole region of people :D I'd love to see DOMA repealed ASAP, especially after seeing signs at the march and rally about how much more people are paying in taxes without the marital tax breaks.

I hate to be a dissenter... wait, who am I kidding? It's always fun to be the little voice in the back of the room. :)

Seriously, though, considering Indiana's marriage law, the fact that I already have the "F" on my license, and the horrendous state of trans healthcare in this country, I'm not so quick to jump on the "repeal DOMA" wagon. I feel there are more important and inclusive things we could be doing with our time and money.

However, as a purely LGB issue, I see the political capital involved in repealing DOMA as a sign that LGB's have finally arrived as a powerful, grassroots political entity. Progress is still progress, and to be frank the marriage issue wins more hearts and pocketbooks than, say, ENDA and trans-inclusive healthcare. The will of the people have spoken, and I'm not about to break our momentum to cry "foul" about the ignorance of my own pet issues.

It's still hard to get active about a bill that does me little good...

Good point. Repealing DADT does nothing for me--I'm a conscientous objector anyhow--but I still see discrimination that makes me sick, and it makes me want to smash it down.

I'd prefer we shrunk our military, united with NATO and UN more often for peacekeeping, and avoided unilaterally going in and trying to play dad everywhere in the world. I would love to see the Peace Corps and Americorps boosted and doubled or tripled in funding. It would be amazing to see Doctors, teachers and engineers without borders given more money than guns and fighter jets.


Barring citizens from serving their country is discrimination. It contributes to creating two sets of citizenships--first and second class--and its wrong and unAmerican. I fight for the repeal of DADT, not because I approve of what the military represents, but what a repeal of that law would represent.

Does that make sense?

Go Cynthia. Leave it to a Sex and the City star to hit the nail on the head. We can never get national rights with that DOMA sitting there keeping us out. Now IS our best shot to get rid of it. I love that she's speaking out even tho she hasn't been out all that long and is an actress who's income in mostly based on playing straight women. Brave.