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Dave Smiley In Drag And raannt About Town

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Hey Folks... We are the boys of raannt, and we are the new gossip columnists for Bilerico-Indiana! We are extremely excited about this new endeavor and hope to serve the LGBT community with honest and alluring information about the social scene of Indianapolis. Just to be clear from the beginning, we are an extremely social, adorable, engaged couple who own and operate a social blog and promotions company. Alex (on the left) is the managing director and Peter (me...yep, there on the right) is the writer! Now that we have settled that...

We make it a point of knowing what is going on in our city socially and aim at improving the social quality and vibe of Indy, no matter who we upset or who we have to challenge...with smiles and laughter, because after all, we're the nice guys!

010.JPGSince this is our first blog, we thought we'd just highlight a few, newsworthy items that have occurred just this week.

Thursday night, Dave Smiley and the crew from WZPL 99.5's The Smiley Morning Show, donned wigs and padded breasts, to compete in "Drag Race" a fundraiser hosted by Talbott Street, to raise money for The Theatre on the Square. The night was quite successful, raising $620 in tips and $1,800 from the door.

Dave and his gang told us they were having a blast and seemed excited to be welcomed by the many fans wanting to take their picture!

In other local "news", it appears that the Indy Pride Board has elected several new board members. We had been approached by several members, who told us we should run, since we had recently been stirring things up, but being that we aren't natural politicians, obviously, we decided to sit this one out. We never realized how easy it was to be on the board until we saw a name or two that stood out to us! Well, we wish you all the best in your endeavors and hope you continue to bring awareness and education to all! We much prefer to sit back and just keep our eyes wide open...You're organization is much needed so we hope you ALL have the best intentions!

Also, Bill Pritt, owner of The Blu Martini and 45 Degrees, just celebrated The Blu Martini's Sixth Anniversary. It was such an amazing time and we are so happy that an out, gay business owner can cater to a mainly straight crowd, while bringing both communities together! Not only is he a true inspiration, but his restaurant/clubs combine an essence of South Beach lounge and Hollywood chill that we can't think of enough occasions to host at either location!

The Vogue in Broad Ripple and Blu downtown are both hosting "alternative" Sunday nights, catering to a predominantly gay crowd. And now, we hear that Landsharks in Broad Ripple might be hosting a gay night on Mondays, possibly promoted by none other than...the boys of raannt! We're very hopeful and excited as the city continues to expand, and acceptance is found everywhere!'s time for us to go and figure out what's next on our itinerary. We've heard that some people think we're mean, but that's entirely not true, so if you see us out, come up, say hi and fill us in on what you're doing around town. You can read more on our site - our most recent article is an interview with local legend and female impersonator Vicki St. James. Trust us...this is just the beginning, it's a true roller coaster ride from here, so stay tuned because we have much more to talk about!

Eyes Open...We're Watching!

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Welcome to the site guys! We're glad to have you here!

I said it on Raant and I'll say it again: Vicki is a fantastic woman. :) The story of how I met her is one I tell anybody who asks, "how small is the trans community?" (Answer: very small, and everybody knows everybody!)

Donna Pandori Donna Pandori | October 5, 2009 10:11 AM


no matter who we upset or who we have to challenge

Definately looking forward to that :)