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Double your investment in 48 hours

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Today we're going to help you double your investment in under 48 hours--your investment in equality!

Protect Maine Equality

Once again, a generous donor and Bilerico reader has offered to match donations to our ActBlue Maine Page up to $1000 to help stop the discriminatory Question One in Maine and protect equality for all families! The deadline is Thursday, October 15 at 11:59pm Eastern! We need your help, though! Our donor will only match if at least 12 people contribute. After all the excitement of National Coming Out Day, let's come out in strong support of Maine and help take us over our $5,000 goal!

Donate to No On 1/Maine marriage equality via Bilerico's ActBlue page and your donation will be doubled!

Your contribution will put people on the ground telling their stories and making their cases to Mainers directly face-to-face. Donate through our Act Blue Maine page today and your dollars help pay for the facilities, training, materials and media blitzes that will help Mainers defend equality at the ballot box this November.

Last time we had a donor match, we blew the goal out of the water--that's because our Bilerico readers are amazing. Now, a month later, we need to blitz again. The race is very tight in Maine and noone can predict what could happen. Please donate to the Bilerico/No On One Maine Act Blue Page and do what you can to stop the Far Right's march to rip our rights away.

A few months back, Bilerico started our first donor drive for marriage equality in Maine, and set a $5000 goal. We're getting closer to that goal, but we need your help.

You can double your investment in equality today, but you have to do it before Thursday night at 11:59pm!

Like Bil said back in September for our last donor match:

If a dozen people donated $83, we'd meet our goal. We could also do it with 20 people donating $50 or 40 Projectors giving $25 each. Even if you can only spare $10, we'll gladly take it and pass it on - as a $20 donation!

We're all struggling at this time of year to come up with money to pay for the things we want, but the folks in Maine need equality. You have a chance to help them, but you have to act quickly. At midnight Friday, our drive will be over. Please click here and help us raise at least $1000 in about 48 hours and help Mainers enjoy some equality for Christmas.

Thank you so much from the Bilerico Project.

PS - Won't you help us raise $2000 for marriage equality in Maine? There's never been an easier time to double your investment--your investment in EQUALITY!

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Right now its 39 $3523. Who will be our first donor?

We got 2... 10 more, let's do this.

I may or may not have just sent my last dollar! ;-) Luckily payday is two days away, so I'm not hurtin. Maine needs it more than me, I would have only spent it on gummi bearen.