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Gay Days at Disneyland: The gayest weekend of the year

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Disneyland is pretty much the gayest place on earth (aside from my apartment), , so the amusement park's Gay Days - an unofficial event that's now in its 12th year - seems kind of redundant, don't you think?

No matter. The LGBT community will be out in full force this weekend, October 2-4, with 30,000 LGBT park-goers expected to attend.

You can easily find out about the slew of Gay Days activities on the official website - appearances by such celebrities as Alec Mapa, Bruce Vilanch, and Calpernia Addams; scavenger hunts; a lesbian ice cream social - so I decided to contact my friend who works at Disneyland to see if there's any interesting insider information.

You are, of course, encouraged to wear a red shirt for easy identification, but my friend emphasizes how vitally important this is - if only to avoid ridicule from your peers, particularly if you're going with a group. "Every now and then you have 20 people wearing red and one person wearing a blue Nike shirt," my friend sighed. "That person stands out in photos when you take pictures of the group. Also, it should be a regular, natural red - not a burgundy or magenta - for the same reasons. It's important to maintain a sense of community!"

Traveling through Adventureland in a pack of red shirt-wearing queers does make you stand out, but that's kind of the point. Some gays prefer to play coy with people who ask what all those red shirts are about: "We all go to same church," or "We're having a family reunion." But my friend reports that many of the straight people who figure out they've stumbled into the park on the gayest weekend of the year (since the event is unofficial, the park is open to everyone) are genuinely supportive and happy to have shown up on such a cool day by accident.

But my friend also says there have been isolated incidents of homophobic muttering from passersby who caught wind of what was going on and didn't like it one bit.

Which makes the red shirts all the more important. When you've got people wearing red in such large numbers, they easily eclipse the two guys wearing straight pride shirts (my friend has actually seen this). For people who aren't used to being the minority, being the minority is no fun.

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When I lived in Cerritos, two suburbs over from Anaheim, I attended Gay Night at Disneyland many times. It's a good excuse to get some friends together and go, but Disneyland is always Disneyland.

The roller coaster called Thunder Mountain Railroad (I think) is a hoot. Spend your two hours in line for Space Mountain cruising the same guys over and over as the line snakes its way through the night. Then find your favorite guy and make sure he is firmly between your legs while the two of you are going down on the Matterhorn. When it's all over, bypass the cigarette and go share a cherry-covered funnel cake. That's enough to kill an evening.

Having a good meal in the restaurant inside the Pirates of the Caribean ride is worth doing during a visit one year --- but probably not twice because the waiting time takes such a bite out of the time you could use doing other things.

It's fun for a few years in a row --- but eventually you will want to graduate to Knott's Berry Farm, where the rides are wilder and the fried chicken is better.

I can't think of anything that would be more fun than to go to Gay Days at Disney with Prince. My imagination is going wild and, yes, it involves the tea cup ride.