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Guess who's going to the National Equality March

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Bil and Jerame are traveling to DC today to attend the National Equality March, while I can't even walk to the metro station to go to work because I busted my ankle pretty bad. Are you going to DC? The HRC/Obama dinner? The protest against HRC and Obama the night before? Why or why not?

Speaking the March, JMG found on the Westboro Baptist Church's website (the famous "") that they intend to protest both March and the HRC dinner. They'll be a fun, easily ignorable sideshow that'll confuse any other, more media-savvy counter-protests from the right, if anyone was intending to counter-protest.

Send in photos and video and I'll put them up here on TBP this weekend. Bil, Jerame, Michael Crawford, Waymon Hudson, the Rev. Irene Monroe, and some other TBP contributors will be there, and there'll be a meet-up Friday night.

Update: Operation Rescue is also going to protest. Press release is after the jump (someone should tell them it's the Human Rights Campaign.

WASHINGTON, Oct. 8 /Christian Newswire/ -- The following is submitted by Randall Terry, Director, Operation Rescue Insurrecta Nex.

Christians will gather at two key locations to remind homosexual marchers that God loves them, and they can be redeemed, but society cannot "normalize" a self-destructive behavior that can rob a human being of their eternal soul. Christians will bear witness to the truth: God made marriage to be a sacred covenant and sacrament between a man and a woman, and His Laws and order cannot be nullified - not by them, not by the Courts, and not by President Obama.

Times and Locations: ?

Saturday Evening, Oct 10, 6:00 PM:
Location of Human Rights Coalition Banquet, at which President Obama is the keynote speaker.

Walter E. Washington Convention Center in Washington, D.C. 801 Mount Vernon Pl NW, Washington, DC.

Sunday, Oct 11, 12:00 Noon:
National Equality March Parade route, Southeast Quadrant of Lafayette Park, across from White House.

Randall Terry States:

"We can - and must - meet these men and women with compassion; they are made in the image of God, and Christ died to forgive us all of our sins. We all have sin; we all need his love and forgiveness.

"But that is exactly the issue: homosexual behavior is a mortal sin. It is self-destructive. It is against nature. It needs forgiveness, not codification and normalization.

"We do not deny that many of these men and women simply want to live their lives in peace. But the leadership of this movement is hell-bent on creating 'homosexual marriage;' a thing that can never be, for our Maker alone has the right to define this institution, and He has declared it to be between a man and a woman.

"By seeking to normalize and codify a thing that God calls mortal sin, they seek to tear the very fabric of Christian society apart, and with the tattered remains, weave a hedonistic hell, a modern day Sodom. This effects us all; our schools, our businesses, our children, our grandchildren, and all who will be harmed by the breaking of God's Eternal Order, and the shattering of the Sacred Institution He created.

"If they wish to practice a self-destructive behavior behind closed doors, so be it. We will pray for them, and offer them the same forgiveness will all need. But when they try to force the rest of us to create a right to 'homosexual marriage' where none exists, and to say that an objectively evil behavior is good and even desirable, we must fearlessly oppose them with all our might.

"The child-killing movement and the 'homosexual marriage' movement have formed an unbreakable bond - a 'cultural axis of evil' - because they both spring from the same root: the rejection of God's Law and Natural Law concerning human sexuality and procreation.

"President Obama does America and the nations of the world a great disservice by legitimizing this self destructive, degrading behavior by speaking at the HRC banquet. On one day he speaks at Notre Dame, talking about the common good, and then proceeds to attack life and marriage in his policies, thereby destroying the common good. It is shameful."

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Re HRC dinner, Obama, and protests, see my previous comment, #2 in thread, click here.

Protesting against Obama, HRC, and the dinner is fine, but as I have said before, counter-protesting against the Fred Phelps group is counter-productive because it gives them the attention they crave.

As Alex suggests, let's just ignore them.

I always encourage people to protest HRC. They actively contribute to the disaster that is capitalism in this country today. They endorse pro-war, anti-choice, anti-immigrant, bank loan deal taking, corporately funded candidates at every turn - all while prioritizing marriage and dadt over the most pressing needs of our community.