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How much do you want hate crimes legislation to pass?

Filed By Bil Browning | October 01, 2009 3:30 PM | comments

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Just as I warned in June, the fate of hate crimes legislation is tied to the defense bill. question-mark3a.jpgWe're now put in the uncomfortable position of advocating for our allies to authorize more money for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Several LGBT friendly Democrats are adamantly opposed to the war(s) and won't want to vote for the defense bill. This would mean they would be voting against hate crimes legislation as well since it's all bundled together now.

Which leads us to the inevitable question... Will you be contacting your Congress member to urge them to fund the wars since hate crimes legislation is attached? Or will you urge them to vote against the bill as a statement on America's involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan?

I wonder how HRC will score this vote on their Congressional scorecard.

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Its literally

"if you want the hate crimes bill to pass so bad Mr. President, you'll pay us up front"

call it what it is, extortion. either way, the opposition wins. if the bill passes they get to play 'johnny war' a bit longer. if the bill fails then they defeated a bill they didn't want to begin with.

Starving a war (or two) to death financially is almost impossible --- the American public won't stand for it. Vote for the bill, say I, get the Hate Crimes extensions, and don't look back.

It is all to easy to say vote for the bill and provide comforting, specious reasons to do so.

Defeat the bill.

It is immoral to purchase our protections with the blood of others.

Over 4000 dead, and a president who wants to ramp up a poorly defined war with cloudy strategy and out of reach many more will die if the President gets the money for his macho posturing aimed at silencing his critics?

Again, it is immoral to purchse the hate crimes bill with the blood of the men and women, gay and straight, military and civilian, who will die with an escalated war.

My son is a serving soldier; I will not buy hate crimes act protections with his blood or the blood of the men and women that he serves with.

I will oppose the act, strongly and vehemently.