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Most Maine Catholics - Gay Or Straight - Are Going To Hell

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Let the handful of Roman Catholics in Maine who are not divorced, not remarried or having sex with someone new, not having gay sex, not practicing some form of contraception or not cohabitating decide who among themselves should cast the first stone at gay marriage.

You don't have to read my earlier installment explaining the introduction to the pastoral letter from the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops to pick up on what I am saying here about the ridiculous "Part One" of that letter.

As you'll see, if Catholics in Maine believe what the bishops are saying and if they vote against gay marriage in their state, they had better be ready to swallow the bitter pill that those bishops have prescribed for them as well. You can't condemn one group without the others.

Shame on the Catholic bishops for misleading their faithful followers with this nonsense. Catholics in Maine, watch this, and ask yourselves how Jesus would vote.

Here is the brief conclusion of my analysis of Part One of the American Bishops' Pastoral Letter on Marriage

For those of you who want the in-depth analysis that led me to that conclusion:

Hey Maine Catholics: This Is Why You Should Vote No On One. from tony adams on Vimeo.

Go here for my earlier Bilerico video analyzing the introduction of the pastoral letter:

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You need to put a "keyboard warning" on these videos Tony! I was sipping soda...

Hmmm...divorced, remaried (to a woman) and post hysterectomy...I am so damned, but then they told me that at age 14 when they sent me off to the Maggies...

Question, are you from Maine? Do you know Catholics in Maine? Do you know that despite the large number of Catholics in Maine, Maine is one of the least religious states in the US?

Sigh. We need to remember that the folks on the ground know what's up in their local areas and they know by personal experience.

Dear GrrrlRomeo,
Answer, I do know people in Maine. Some are Catholics and some are Wiccan. I am aware of the stats. What is your point? That i should not do my part to protect our rights?
Your comment makes sense only if you are among those who intend to vote yes on One. Are you one of those?

Don Sherfick Don Sherfick | October 31, 2009 6:32 AM

Tony: Great sequel to your first video! I hope there will be more. The logo-less T-shirt is an improvement, perhaps a subtle illustration of the endless darkness of the Hell the bishops are reserving for Catholics who transgress in these four areas. (Oh wait a minute, all that eternal fire but yet darkness....but wait, reason tells us....or is it Divine Revelation.....?)

The whole contraception thing, especially the business about how it's wonderful to intentionall not dippie the wikkie (almost a sacramental) during those fertile periods but to not do "the act" according to precise Vatican directives brings the big (though dark) flames, was the main thing that put distance between me and RC doctrine in the 1960's.

Maine Catholics seem to have a fifth area bringing on the likelihood of a long-term association with Satan: Voting the wrong way.

And when they put you on the Index of Forbidden Video's, watching you will surely be a sixth.

Keep up the good work.

It is hard under these circumstances to keep it short; this document could be argued for days. So I'll just stick to one passage that jumped out at me because I've heard it in so many iterations (lines 460-465).

The argument that same-sex unions pose a threat to "the very fabric of society" is being decried everywhere, and I have yet to see a single concrete example of how this great power is going to be exercised. I want one person to show me how my brother making a lifetime commitment to the love of his life would have had anything but a positive effect on my son and daughter. The idea that a public declaration of heartfelt love could be harmful to anyone is a misguided result of cultural bias; and that Christians hand-pick passages out of context to support that bias is against everything the Bible teaches.

Unfortunately, when we tell Catholics to ignore the teachings of their bishops, we are violating the very roots of a 2000-year-old tradition. We are telling them that personal conscience is equal to the Magisterium, and that is heresy to the powers that be. That is the basic struggle we have in this arena.