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Name Mary Cheney's second child open thread

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Considering mary_cheney_lesbiana.jpghow much attention the first petit Cheney-spawn received on this site and others two years ago, I'm surprised that no one has even posted about number 2 here on Bilerico. For shame! We all need to explore the intersection of sexuality and evil.

So I'll be the first one in: Mary Cheney's having a second baby, and she supports and gives money to anti-gay politicians who'll make it harder for her to care for her baby. Then again, what do we expect her to do, support politicians who believe her father deserves to be in prison, that she doesn't deserve to inherit all his wealth without taxes, and that their family shouldn't be allowed to make money by started massive wars against third-world countries that pose no threat but have huge natural resources? Come on, you can buy your way around anti-gay legislation if you're rich and famous and powerful enough, or you can buy your way out of prison and taxes. But one's a lot cheaper than the other.

If only there were pro-war, pro-rich, pro-letting-war-criminals-escape-justice politicians who didn't really care about LGBT people.... Oh, wait, that's most of DC. If only they were allowed to run the country.

Anyway, this is the "Name Mary Cheney's second child open thread." Go for it.

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Has anyone ever seen a FAMILY portrait of Mary Cheney, her partner, and their baby?? Why is this image verboten in right wing circles ???

Alex is this really necessary? We can disagree with Mary Cheny, her politics, her father and the Republican Agenda all we want.

But when you want us to name her unborn child, you turn us into the same that as the far right, hate mongers. You know how they spew that we gays only have babies with AIDS and that they will grow up without G-d etc.

Call out Mary on her politics, use factual information to do it, but rise up a little and leave her kids alone. When they grow up, they can decide what politics to follow and we can challenge or embrace them then.

Robert Ganshorn Robert Ganshorn | October 9, 2009 9:52 AM

As hideous as former VP Cheney is he has come out for legal unions for Gay people.

There is not going to be any great prosecution over the past eight years. If we can survive Nixon anything is possible.

In that, unless I am wrong, Mary Cheney was the LGBT coordinator for the homophobic Coors beer brand.

So why not?

If it is a boy "Hops."

If it is a girl "Amber." Or would you prefer "Pale Ale?"

Don Sherfick Don Sherfick | October 9, 2009 10:16 AM

Maybe on the same morning Barak Obama received the Nobel Peace Prize in (talk about a premature ejaculation!) while bombing the moon and dislodging all that Green cheese, she should just name the baby "HUH"?

They should probably stick with tradition and use the family name: Anus

The real question is would the child be Anus Jr or Anus III (or IV)?

Pops CHENEY | October 9, 2009 1:08 PM

Satanya Twatleigh Cheney

1. Miss Stake
2. Miss Fortune
3. Spawn of

Don Sherfick Don Sherfick | October 9, 2009 5:31 PM

You know, Alex, although I initially joined the chorus above in suggesting a name (along with a lame attempt a humor), I've had second thoughts and agree with Scott. Especially after seeing the trash from Patrick, which I new see you've taken down. Let's put the children, including those unborn (I will get some flack for not saying "fetuses", but I'll take the change) off limits.

Oh my...yes, protect the children. by all means.

If a boy:
Vikdun Quisling Cheney(after Mary's political role model)

If a girl:
Phyllis Anita Cheney(after two of her apparent 'feminist' heroes)

But then again, looking further down the road, once she has her share of the family war stocks, and she is free do what she will with them, will she support/philanthrop’ize/donate LGBT organizations/causes?

An irreverent asshole | October 9, 2009 8:34 PM

Name the kid Beard. Unlike a gay man's beard, this is a lesbian's attempt to appear supportive of the emotions of others while continuing to show disdain for her own civil rights.

"The intersection of sexuality and evil"-- I love it! Although that's kind of longing for a child's name. The first child is called Coors, right?

What about Blackwater? Blackwater Cheney -- that sounds pretty good. Or Chainsaw Cheney. Oh no, I'm getting loopy...

OK, I'l just respond with this:

1. Mary Cheney doesn't care about your children, no matter how much you care about hers. Leave her children alone? Don't expect her or her political cohorts to leave yours alone. They're against children getting health care (Bush/Cheney's veto of SCHIP), they're against your children getting a decent education (NCLB), and they're rather cavalier about sending your children off to die in Iraq.

Not to mention the fact that she has never expressed any concern for the children being killed in Iraq, the hundreds of thousands of them being killed by the war her father pushed, whose campaign she worked on.

At least recognize the fact that any concern for her children is not reciprocated, even though that's no reason not to have concern for them.

2. This isn't about "disagree"in with Mary Cheney's politics. There's nothing to disagree with - she's looking out for her best interests and worked for to get a man in office whose interests are almost the same as hers and has shown what some of his friends have called a sociopathic inability to think about others. I'm looking out for mine, in general, although I try my best to think of others, even though I often fail.

But this isn't an intellectual disagreement. This is about Mary Cheney and people like her getting as much money and power as they can at the expense of everyone else. There is no logic or reason, and there's no convincing her that anyone here is right about something, like, say, the estate tax or the war in Iraq.

3. The child isn't a child. Sorry, but this kid hasn't been born yet and is a blob of cells. You can't call it a baby and expect everyone to treat it like one. It doesn't have a right to privacy, a right to bear arms, or a right to arm bears. What we're talking about is the right for Mary Cheney to cordon off parts of her life from criticism, not the right for a child who doesn't exist yet to be shielded from what's, really, an internet conversation it'll never read.

"Name Mary Cheney's child" obviously isn't about the kid or anything the kid has done (which is nothing, because the kid hasn't been born yet). It's obviously about Mary Cheney herself, since the only way to pick a name is based on her own actions and past.

4. Mary Cheney is no shrinking violet, especially when it comes to politicizing her sexuality, relationship status, and children. Stay away from her children? Remember those creepy glamor shoots the first child did with Dick to make him seem human? She worked on a major, national political campaign, and uses her sexuality when convenient to be a "liaison to the LGBT community," but then we're not supposed to bring up her personal life.

This is less "Leave celebrities' children alone!" and more like when Lynne Cheney went after Kerry for even mentioning that Mary Cheney was a lesbian during a debate a long time ago.

I agree with Patrick - great response to a lot of very confusing ire on behalf of Mary Cheney. I mean, really? We're concerned about the wee lass's feelings now? I could go on, but you put it all quite perfectly.