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Pie a realtor for Marriage Equality? I'm serious!

Filed By Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore | October 04, 2009 2:30 PM | comments

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Okay, this might be the weirdest ad I've ever seen, in the current issue of the Bay Area Reporter -- at the top it says:


And then -- yes yes, a picture of someone in a suit, a pie in their face!

And beneath this somewhat enticing image:

"Herth Real Estate invites you to donate to Marriage Equality USA by putting a pie in the face of your favorite realtor"


I'm certainly not against putting a pie in the face of your "favorite" realtor, but for Marriage Equality? Isn't that kind of like throwing a pie at Obama to support more funding for the war in Afghanistan? Or pie-ing some health care industry executive to support more price gouging?

Apparently this particular pie-ing experience takes place at the Herth Real Estate "lounge booth" at San Francisco's Castro Street Fair (October 4), but maybe this is a practice that will take on at future "marriage equality" events. Or, wait, isn't there some kind of March taking place soon in our nation's capital? Didn't Cleve Jones just say, "We have a dream too?" Start baking...

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Isn't Marriage Equality USA the org Phyllis Stevens worked for?

She didn't really "work" for them. She was a volunteer who started her own chapter. The org has put out a statement clarifying that in conjunction with One Iowa.

@Mattilda - Do you NEED a good excuse to pie someone? Or do we do it just because we CAN? ;)

Bil, personally I think throwing pies at our "favorite" realtors (or rabid gay marriage supporters) might be a good idea any day...

Although, for the record, I will admit that I'm conflicted about (nonconsensual) pie-ing -- watching coverage of such activist doings, it can be sensational and hilarious, but sometimes doesn't seem altogether different from assault...

The Bay Area Reporter. I used to look at that rag every week to see who passed away. My, have times changed. Thank god. I say EAT CAKE while we still can.

Alex, do you mean Phyllis Schlafly?

And ewe, I think you mean *throw* cake, right?

Ugh, I don't rule anything out that helps the cause--no matter how deranged an idea it is. Even if its lame, its raising cash for the fight. The fight is important to a lot of couples all over the country. This wouldn't draw everyone, but it'll certainly have its fans.

Phil, are you speaking in support of pie-ing Cleve Jones?