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Queer music Friday - Tonex

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I almost forgot, in all the clamor these past few weeks, that Tonex recently came out of the closet. I don't feature much gospel music on QMF (the last time there was a gospel artist who came out, Paige posted about him), but every now and then one comes out.

Rod has more on Tonex and the interview in which he came out (after the jump), and he has an interesting way of looking at homosexuality. He says he's attracted to men, says it isn't a bad thing, but doesn't seem to see any connection between that and his relationships with women. Bi? I don't know, but lots of people have different ways of interpreting sexual desires that many of us are too quick to label "gay" in others.

Anyhoo, here's "To Know You Lord."

This song, "Fail U," is more hip-hop than gospel.

Here's a live performance of "God has not forgot."

And here's where he talked about his sexuality, at about 4:50 in.

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There is no God in his gospel performances. It's all about him, with the words melting away to reveal a decent jazz singer. It rather proves the uneasy and most often unspoken suspicion that black churches are all about the music and not so much about spirituality which exists somewhere beyond melismatic ecstasy.